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    Hot Deal - Intel Optane 905P 960GB w/U.2 to M.2 adapter cable $219.99

    Not in that quantity, but they do exist: (this was the retail kit that also includes the m.2 to u.2 adapter from intel) Also US prices don't include taxes, with the taxes included you might find occasionally similar deals/prices in the EU.
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    HP Nics - security features preventing cross-flash?

    The only pcie 4.0 enabled cx-5 are Dual Ports (2* 25gbe or 2*100gbe) skus. There is one vpi and two Ethernet Models (sfp28 and qsfp28).
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    Intel Optane 905P 1.5TB on sale $299

    The 4x u.2 backplane for supermicro 743/745 and a supermicro pcie 4.0 retimer card
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    Right the Wrongs. Correct the Ineptitude.

    Some times you have to look the other way around: start with the problem and look in which version the problem was fixed. That way you could find this document: DSA-2023-190: Security Update for a Dell Client BIOS Vulnerability | Dell US "Filename: Third-party License.txt " What did you expect...
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    Intel Optane 905P 1.5TB on sale $299

    If you're using windows: open up performance monitor (the one from the task manager) and go to the disk tab. Under storage you can see the queue depth of the different devices in your system. Run your "regular" workload and check what the highest number is that you see. The lower this number is...
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    Intel Optane 905P 1.5TB On Sale for Only $299

    Because you need them or because of fear of missing out (fomo)? :D
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    Good UHD BR Drive?

    I have - Asus BW-16D1HT (crossflashed with libredrive enabled firmware) - LG WH16NS60 (libredrive enabled firmware) - Pioneer BDR-211UBK (stock 1.53 firmware works out of the box with libredrive, 1.54 has fixes that prevent the usage of libredrive) My advice is to get multiple, different...
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    Help Needed Deciding On Software Platform

    Raid is for uptime/availability, backups for keeping data safe. Raid 5/Z1 can handle 1 failed device and still calculate the missing data, raid 6/z2 can handle 2 failed devices and z3 can handle 3 failed devices. (The question of raid 5 vs 6 is kinda moot because you have backups and can always...
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    Whitch distro for home server

    You're late to the party: alma linux has given up the goal to be a 1 to 1 binary rhel compatible distro: The Future of AlmaLinux is Bright
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    Getting insane memory usage with Windows Remote Desktop application

    Do you use the clipboard function?
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    ZFS Mirror - 2 different drives/brands for better failure resistance? (Any M.2 suggestions?)

    m.2 doesn't get any "new" enterprise ssds with plp anymore, everything new moves to u.2 oder esdff
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    Daily Power On/Off Supermicro H12SSL-I in Workstation Mode

    I never heard anybody reporting problems and never had any myself (I used the h12sll myelf before I got a m12swa and threadripper pro cpu for free :D)
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    Looking for RAID Controller to Configure NVMe SSDs in RAID 0 as a Single NVMe Drive (Not SATA/SAS)

    I don't think such a raid controller exists, microchip and broadcom use "ancient" (and known working/stable) stacks/ip for their controllers. Nvme is "too new" to entirely change these stacks :D
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    Cheap 40GbE at home - too good to be true?

    I thought you were joking and googled the specs. You're right. That's some firmware crippling...
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    RDMA applications

    smb3 (windows server 2022) and only when it works with the windows 10/11 clients*... *it works in the pro for workstations skus, but requires that all driver and firmware settings are correct (mellanox drivers on server os use other default values...)
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    Intel Optane SSD P1600X 118GB - price drop $59

    Optane was released in 2016/17 during a dram shortage. Intel wanted to sell it as a solution sitting between dram and nand storage (performance wise)...
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    Intel Optane SSD P1600X 118GB - price drop $59

    I paid less :D
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    Intel Optane SSD P1600X 118GB - price drop $59

    I'm waiting until amazon germany reduces the prices :D Already have two for experiments but would be nice to have more as replacement when the satadoms die.
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    Intel Optane SSD P1600X 118GB - price drop $59

    they also make great cache devices for fileservers/nas up to 10GBE
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    SM H12SSL-C-O fan settings

    The thresholds only set values when the bmc logs warning or failures. The bmc send pwm values like 30%, 50%, 100% etc. to the fans. I think in older bmc chips it was possible to modify these values not sure if it's possible wit aspeed 2500 and newer.