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    Malicious ads or redirects?

    Anyone seeing redirects when visiting the main page? Happens on my iPhone with both 5G or WiFi connections. It isn’t consistent, happens periodically.
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    Silent J1900 PFSense box eBay (4x cores and 4x intel ethernet)

    Well thanks to @Marsh I got and setup one of those dual core AMD boards. Dual port Intel NIC came in yesterday. Had a mini itx case, 8GB DDR3 and Intel SSD laying around, got pfsense installed but it will have to wait until late night this weekend to swap from out current pfsense box. We'll see...
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    Silent J1900 PFSense box eBay (4x cores and 4x intel ethernet)

    Oh what the heck, I did it.
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    $75 FS OBO X8DTL-I REV 1.3 SUPERMICRO LGA1366 W/ 2.13GHZ E5506

    Old I know but not bad for a motherboard, CPUs, I/O shield and what looks like 1u heatsinks. X8DTL-I REV 1.3 SUPERMICRO LGA1366 ATX MOTHERBOARD W/ 2.13GHZ E5506 8 CORES CPU 6720420463 | eBay Edit: ATX formfactor if someone needs cheap workstations.
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    Building a Server: Is LGA1366 Still sweet spot today for Power Consumption vs Cost?

    DL 380 G6. 96GB RAM, 2x L5630, 8x80GB SSDs. Power usage and server load in pictures. Edit: I think mechanical SAS drives kill any power advantage by switching sockets.
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    How would you setup this Proxmox storage?

    Thanks everyone. I've been reading up on ceph for the past few days. I think I'm going to skip ceph this go round. I'd want to setup a test platform for it before rolling it out. Perhaps I'll nest a proxmox ceph inside this proxmox.
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    How would you setup this Proxmox storage?

    I don't have the network infrastructure to support it currently ( only 1GB) but it looks like it is possible to have the ceph network on a 10gb link without a 10gb switch (forgetting the term). The 8 SSDs in server1 are 80GB.
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    How would you setup this Proxmox storage?

    Thanks for the feedback! The current workflow is several projects being worked on at the same time on the development server. Some projects get moved on, some are stalled, some get canned altogether. The drives are older model SSDs and push about 600mb/400mb read/write. The production...
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    How would you setup this Proxmox storage?

    I have three identical servers, let's call them server1, server2 and server3. RAM, CPUs everything but the storage is identical. Currently server1 has a RAID 10 of 8 SSDs. This is a development server that hosts in progress VMs and LXCs until they are ready to move to production. Server2 and...
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    Sun Oracle Flash Accelerator F40 400GB PCIe SSD - $99 + 15 BIN

    Thanks I would appreciate it!
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    older Opteron boards worth it or no? (vs newer), also RAMdisk SAN from server mem

    My opinion is you would need something that is highly threaded to make them worthwhile even with free power. Opteron 6300 are the same (essentially) cores as the FX desktop line. Difference being these have significantly reduced clock speed for increased core counts. Performance wise compared to...
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    Sun Oracle Flash Accelerator F40 400GB PCIe SSD - $99 + 15 BIN

    Has anyone put these in a HP Proliant? Curious if they cause the fans to go nuts. I've got a few spare PCI-E Slots and using those to get more storage in the box seems good.
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    Intel Xeon Phi x200 (Knights Landing) – x86 Code Compatibility – It boots Windows!

    I'm curious about the hyperthreading implementation. Since it's the first x86 with >2 threads per core I wonder if there was any optimization on the core level to make better use of the extra threading and if there is a sweet spot similar to Power 8.
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    256 Threads - 1 CPU? Yes please!

    Any memory segmentation? How does the hierarchy with the MCDRAM work?
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    Intel-Xeon-PHi-7250-68-Core-Server-Processor-CPU-1-40GHz-16GB-LGA-3647-X200-READ Intel-Xeon-PHi-72

    Oh I thought they were sharing a socket? Do they each have different notches?
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    Remote access with IPMI and discrete GPU for games

    Which I believe they do, the drivers detect it is running in a virtual machine and refuse to load.
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    Black Friday Thread code GMA30 takes 30% off up to a maximum of $30 off. Free shipping on most items. Some good deals on some HDD, SSD and GPU if you need. Best to compare to other sites cause not everything is a good deal.
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    750GB MX300 $99.99 also has it, discount shows once you add it to your cart.