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    Looking for a good single port 10G card.

    It seems my intel 82598EB are dying/dead. Can anyone recommend a decent 10G card w/ 1 SFP+ port only and support for Linux? Thanks!
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    Seeking M1015 alternative for ESXi / ZFS NAS Box

    I have a 9211-8i and it works quite well. Have you tried doing pci-e passthrough of the controller to the VM?
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    It just keeps on getting bigger

    Welp, my original array of 36x2TB is rapidly approaching the 4 year old mark, and they've been in service 24x7 so I'm going to err on the side of caution and assume they will start dropping like flies shortly. Current setup: Primary Server SC847, Dual E5-2620, 64GB ram, LSI 9265-8i for...
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    Intel Xeon L5630 under $60

    Ordered 2 for my secondary fileserver thats currently 1x E5506. In theory I should get double or better performance on threaded apps for the same power usage (40w x2 vs 80w x1) Thanks OP!
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    Colocation question

    Theres a few ways to do this. Simplest is probably asking your colo provider really nicely to enable LACP on your switch ports, and then bond them on your switch (assuming switch supports this, and having gigabit ports would be ideal) then you'd end up with a 200mbit trunk to your provider...
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    Budget Network VS Premium Network

    Sounds like excellent questions for your sales rep. Premium usually isn't oversold, or isn't oversold as much. Also premium benefits from better peering. Budget will be garbage like cogent, he, savvis, etc. and will be heavily oversold/leveraged. For example, Selling 50 people the same...
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    On ebay: Quanta 48p GbE + 2x 10GbE L3 switch @ 289USD

    I'm also really curious to see what an owner of one of these thinks of it. One seller was claiming it's opensource and the greatest thing since sliced bread, but when I looked, I couldn't seem to find an open source project for it where folks kept updating the firmware. I'm also very curious to...
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    [QUESTION] What do you need hardware firewall for?

    HW firewall to me is something from cisco, juniper, etc. Some managed switch that has built in layer3 filtering functionality (or layer7 on the beefier stuff) and it might include a vpn access server, and other goodies. This gives you one single box to manage and configure, and you can do very...
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    Stupid SE3016 issue

    So I've got one of those SE3016s. Its decided it wants to be in an alarm state due to a temperature sensor issue. This is the report from the drives themselves: /dev/sdap: ST3000DM001-1CH166: 25°C /dev/sdaq: ST3000DM001-1CH166: 25°C /dev/sdar: ST3000DM001-1CH166: 26°C /dev/sdas...
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    16 Drive Mini Itx FreeNAS Server Builds

    Very impressive. Well done!
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    Need help finding a cisco product

    Hmm alright. Was kinda hoping the cisco superstack was more compatible. I stumbled across this HP Brocade Open Source LB4M 48 Port Gigabit Switch Dual SFP 10GB Ports | eBay Yet I can't seem to find any info about it, and couldn't find a thread on the forums about this switch, or any...
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    Need help finding a cisco product

    I've got an older 3750g I brought home. It's got 4 SFP ports, but they're all 1gbit. It has a stacking port, and I've got some 10g stuff I'd like to connect via sfp. Does anyone know of a 'cheaper' 4 port 10g switch with SFP's that I can connect to my 3750g via the stacking port?
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    Rackable systems 3U 16 bay SAS/Sata JBOD w/ expander - $175

    Shipping: $341.55 UPS Worldwide Saver | See details I think these guys are high, or UPS is broken. I accidentally sent a 113 lb 4U across Canada for $401, By air.
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    Norco RPC-4220 on Ebay

    wsyntax :: How a Norco case killed 13TB of our data Just FYI
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    Highpoint Rocket 750 - 40 Port PCI-E 2.0 x8 HBA

    Oh, and the card is full height. Anyone know of any 40 Drive chassis' that support full height cards? Silly highpoint.
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    Highpoint Rocket 750 - 40 Port PCI-E 2.0 x8 HBA

    Here's the PR on HighPoint Launches 40-Port Serial ATA-6Gb/s Controller Card - X-bit labs Looks interesting, However theoretical per drive bandwidth in a perfect world is about 100MB/s. I've had some Highpoint 2320's in the past, and was less than impressed with them. I'm...
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    To ZIL or not to ZIL; that is indeed the question. (FreeNAS n00b needs help)

    I have a reasonable array at home. Recently put in some Intel 520's as both Cache and ZIL, and honestly 98% of the time they make no difference, and the other 2% it's debatable. If you have a write heavy array, or are doing a lot of synchronous writes (Such as vmware vms over NFS) then a ZIL is...
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    Samsung 840 SSDs as zilog/l2arc?

    Just an update: Bought Intel 520's because I just had to get something. I've got two of four caching currently, no earth shattering difference at this point. I'm going to move a couple vm's back onto that zpool and see if I get more cache hits.
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    Samsung 840 SSDs as zilog/l2arc?

    you think they'd be worse than writing directly to the drives? if I were to use them as a zilog I access it primarily via nfs. server stores media. my desktop talks to it via samba. server is virtualized and it talks to other vms via vxnet. physicallt its 1gbe until I get a 10g switch