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    Dell R210II - $229.99 OBO

    gen ii are supposed to be much quieter than gen i. dell poweredge R210 as a pfSense router • /r/homelab
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    Toshiba Enterprise SSD refurb 960,400 and 200 TB

    dagger, they shipped me 256GB sandisk SSDs in the toshiba 960GB boxes. even has the right serial number on the box. way to short a brother!
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    Intel 320 600GB $97

    really surprised the intel didnt fix this issue. seems like a firmware update would resolve. kind of reminiscent of the crucial m4 ? models that would bsod after 5000 hours or the other issue those had. edit, there are some google hits saying it was resolved with firmware updates. still not...
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    Intel 320 600GB $97

    At my last office we had some 320's in laptops and some just quit working. google for more info but heres a quick link I had from an old email with a colleague How to recover data from Intel SSD 320 Series I found that doing a secure erase "fixed" the drive back to working condition but I had...
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    FS|VA|$250| DELL POWEREDGE FS12-SC 2xL5420 24GB RAM 12x TRAY

    Looking for local sale located in Northern Virginia/Washingon DC area. $250 DELL POWEREDGE FS12-SC 2 x Quad Core L5420 2.5GHz 24GB RAM 12x trays 2x internal 2.5 drive mounts dual onboard NICs 1 ipmi/bmc NIC - remote mgmt has updated BIOS and BMC from gigabyte loaded. Have been using for...
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    Dell C2100 FS12-Ty

    I happen to have one of these lying around in the northern VA area if anyone is interested :-)
  7. P Seagate 6TB Desktop Hard Drive $169

    Been running 4 in zfs mirrored set since early this year w no probs. Picked up 2 more to expand other day. Replaced Seagate 4TB's from several years ago. I'd check over on freenas forums for the model.
  8. P Seagate 6TB Desktop Hard Drive $169

    link on reddit
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    9261-8i with BBU and Cables, 156 shipped, good deal?

    Are you using freenas or doing raid? your first post you mention freenas and you would then want to flash the card to IT mode which may render the BBU/cache useless since its utilizing RAM Ive been using a h700 (no bbu or additional cache) flashed to IT mode for 3 years first on a physical box...
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    $199 hp microserver N54L

    brand new so should have a full warranty; though probably void that quickly HP Proliant Microserver G7 AMD Turion II Neo N54L Processor 4GB 2Rx8 PC3 12 | eBay
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    BANGING 24-bay barebones deal

    Thanks PL!
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    BANGING 24-bay barebones deal

    Anyone check the power usage at start up and while relatively idle? want to replace 2 dell cloud servers (fs12/cs24) that seem to pull a constant 165-170 watts idle each 24/7...just using a basic kill-a-watt device to check. looking to get something more efficient sometime soon and cut down on...