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    HPE 10GB dual port cards 716589-002 vs 716591-B21

    "all intensive puposes ...." :sob: it's " all intents and purposes ....." The cards are also known as the 530T (002) and 561T (B21) - the ML 110 Gen9 is not listed as a supported server for the 530T, but other Gen9 models are, so I don't really see any reason it woudn't work. H. (Fellow...
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    Adding a HBA card without using data.

    Also, you don't need to use drive letters - you can mount each drive as a folder under NTFS:
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    Looking for recommendations for a home WiFi Router.

    I've been using a TP-Link Archer C5400 ( TP-Link Archer C5400 AC5400 Wireless MU-MIMO Tri-Band Router - Comprehensive Antivirus and Security, Works with Alexa and IFTTT - ) for the last 3 years. Works great. Never had to reboot it. It's in the basement and provides a good signal...
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    vSphere 7.0 free license

    You can get esxi 7.0 free edition with your existing account
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    Dual SFF-8088 to SFF-8644 connection bandwidth?

    I've got a large storage setup and used to use 9200/9201 16E, they both top out around 2.2-2.5GB/sec. Seems to just be a limitation of the card.
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    Dell Powerconnect 7048p Bind MAC to VLAN

    Happy to be of assistance :-) There should be a way to specify the default VLAN if no binding rule applies. In the FF setup it's the "port hybrid pvid vlan 10" - anything not matching a binding rule goes into VLAN 10 Untagged.
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    Dell Powerconnect 7048p Bind MAC to VLAN

    I'm not familiar with the Dell PowerConnect configuration, but based on my experience with HPe FlexFabric switches, the port does need to be allowed to access all the possible bind vlans. In the FlexFabric config, the ports are configured as type Hybrid, with multi *untagged* vlans. eg...
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    HP-DL360 G9. Does this server accept SAS or SATA drives?

    That one I'm not so sure about. It mentions the P408i in the product name, but not in the specs. If it does come with the 408i, then it will support SAS or SATA, but the "embedded S100i" is a software raid (so Windows only probably), and SATA only.
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    HP-DL360 G9. Does this server accept SAS or SATA drives?

    It will take either, but obviously the performance is going to be better with the 12Gb SAS3 drives
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    Multiple Subnets on Multiple Switches, No VLAN

    In a traditional setup, no - it just won't work. But if you can get a device for the router that supports multi-homed IP addressing, then yeah - it can be made to work with all on the default vlan. Will make network pros cringe, but is doable.
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    TIL: Snapshots. Don't let them get too big!

    Had a customer forget about a snapshot - the LUN it was on ran out of space and the snapshot became corrupted and unrecoverable, even by VMware support. They had to revert to the pre-snap shot vmdk. 18 months of data lost.
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    HP P812

    3Gb SAS is SAS1 not SAS2. It might handle logical volumes > 2.2TB, but I very much doubt it will manage actual physical drives of > 2.2TB.
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    Expand Existing Raid5 w/ larger disks on HP Proliant G6 DL380

    yes you can. Replace a drive at a time, let the array rebuild. Once all the drives have been replaced you'll be able to expand the array - I've not done it in conjunction with ZFS, but your theory works for expanding the array - you should be able to either expand the logical drive, or create...
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    One big home server or several small ones?

    Same here with single server. Actually have 2+, but one is production and the other for testing and DR in case the primary blows up.
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    FS: Dual Epyc 7301 Server.

    @gigatexal It certainly does do VM well :-) The Datastore is a Samsung 960GB NVMe M.2 stick which I'll include with the host.
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    FS: Dual Epyc 7301 Server.

    Price drop bump.
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    HP D2600 - Can someone well connected get hold of a firmware update ?

    Here you go: Dropbox - cp028806.exe Note - I got from the Support Pack for Proliant 2018.09, which is downloadable without a support contract :-)
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    FS: Dual Epyc 7301 Server.

    Bump - pics available on request, price negotiable. Also have SuperMicro low profile heatsinks for it if looking to move it to a smaller chassis.
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    FS: Dual Epyc 7301 Server.

    Trader Reviews for haitch | After an upgrade, I now have this 4U Rack mount server for sale: - Supermicro H11DSI Motherboard - 2 x AMD Epyc 7301 16c/32T CPU - 128DDR4 ECC Ram 2400 - 4 x 32GB Samsung - 2 x Noctua NH-U9 TR4-SP3 cooler - Rosewill 4U Rackmount case. RSV-L4500. 15...