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    [US]8GB/4GB-PC3 8500/10600R

    Selling inventory as follows: [$12/ea] 72x8GB PC3-10600R [$8/ea] 60x4GB PC3-10600R [$10/ea] 44x8GB PC3-8500R [$12/ea] 48x8GB PC3-10600R (no heatsink) *price flexible in bulk USPS flat rate shipping from MD
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    Is WSUS broken on Windows 10 / Server 2016?

    So we recently had to setup a Server2016/Windows10 WSUS server at my job. It took a littl ework but there were 2 things I noticed. First off, group policy seemed to not work. We had to Set the servers information via regedit...
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    Server 2016 ISO

    This really is a last-ditch attempt and I do not know if I should be asking this here. Just to clarify, I am NOT asking for pirated software. I have licenses for Windows 2008 - 2016 from my colleges subscription to onthehub. Recently, I lost my ISO archive. I know that I can download the...
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    Supermicro MB w/ USB issue

    Well this has been debunked. I broke out some jumper cables from the raspberry pi box collecting dust and wired the adapter to the motherboard with the USB data+ and data- wires reversed. Detected the drive perfectly and loaded ESX without a hitch. The strange thing is that the manual shows that...
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    Supermicro MB w/ USB issue

    The thpught had crossed my mind. The adapters seemed to work fine in my desktop (header to usb port to m.2) I was thinking that maybe the ports on the motherboard were wired differently? Maybe the d+ and d- were reversed? Though I havent seen anything like that. Definately gonna teat tomorrow.
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    Supermicro MB w/ USB issue

    I understand that. I am more curious of why this would be happening.
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    Supermicro MB w/ USB issue

    I recently purchased some X9DRD-LF systems. I have got them fully updated and am using an m.2 to USB SATA adapter as a boot device. I had the devices attached to the external USB ports and they are operational as a boot device for ESX. (much better than USB flash drive performance) I finally got...
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    Dell C6100 4 node 24 bay

    I am not expecting to get this to disappear from my basement but I am looking for a good home for my old C6100. She is still fully functional but I have down sized and consolidated my systems over the months and now have no use for this server. I will baseline the servers prior to sale. 24 hard...
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    Converting HyperV to ESXi

    This really is just an FYI post incase anyone searches for an issue like this. I recently decided to migrate my HyperV infrasture to my ESXi (6.7) server to consolidate my server rack. Including rewiring my entire network. The VM in question is a Plex media server running on RHEL 7.6 on 2012...
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    Recommended HW for small but demanding company

    Just food for though, but going off the assumption that the server is being replaced due to performance... has anyone considered upgrading the existing components? Just seeing the E5-2620v2 and 32 GB of ram, I am confident that the processor wont be able to keep up with everything and the 32GB...
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    Virtualization Server

    So, being as my Intel S2600CP decided to stop working (RIP old faithful) ... its time to be out with the old and in with the .... well ... maybe not as old. So I just ordered a new board and am planning out my primary server. Currently the server will be housed in a Supermicro CSE-216 with the...
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    Supermicro X8 motherboard and NVME

    The case is a CSE-216. I know that i wont get the full pcie 3.0 speed, i dont plan on using a 960. The m.2 would be used for cache and boot. Alternatively I would use a 2.5 SSD. There are 2 expansion ports populated with PCI slots on the MB. Those slots I would prefer having 2.5 SSDs in on a...
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    Supermicro X8 motherboard and NVME

    I am finally getting my NAS operational and was wondering if anyone had any luck with NVME SSDs working on that generation of boards. The 12 bay 2U chassis has 7 low profile expansion slots. As an alternative, can anyone recommend a goot PCI slot to 2.5 inch drive adapter or a PCI Express card...
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    S2600CP2J wont power on

    Um ... so i just got home and figured it out as soon as i got to my rack ........ i accidentally bumped the switch on my power strip -_-' ...... Posts perfect. now to do some configuration :D
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    S2600CP2J wont power on

    I appreciate the help but that would be the first thing(s) I tried. There are no LED's lit at all on the board. I am wondering if the 24pin PSU cable may be wired incorrectly. Do you know if any of the LEDs onboard are supposed lit pre-power on?
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    S2600CP2J wont power on

    Forgive me but I am new to the forums and not sure if this is in the correct location. I am not new to computers by any means but it is early and i need to get some coffee in my system. I just purchased a S2600CP2J and dual E5 2665 v1 with 8x8GB ddr3-1600R. Power supply is a seasonic X-850 I...