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    Steam and Blockdevices need directions.

    For games that don't like network installs (stupid but whatever)... You could run Linux locally and use KVM to run Windows with disk images on network shares. Then they look like local disks and the VM abstracts away that change. With PCI passthrough, performance is very near native. What it...
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    802.11be the cheap way.... <$40

    That looks like it works. I guess I can test as a Canadian temporarily as it looks like similar requirements for 6ghz. However, watching the available networks shows it pop up then disappears again. Sometimes on and off. Client is a Samsung S21 Ultra. It shows a special icon for 6ghz. Do you...
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    802.11be the cheap way.... <$40

    It looks like things are at least going the right direction on Debian 12.5. echo "options cfg80211 ieee80211_regdom=US"|sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/cfg80211.conf That sets the regulatory domain at boot via kernel options. There used to be conf files for it, but it looks like module parameters are...
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    802.11be the cheap way.... <$40

    No, I was just doing CLI fiddling around. I just used "iw reg set US". Then "iw reg get" would show that it was using US-FCC, where before it would show global or similar. I did try adjusting the settings, but the database is signed and doesn't like being messed with. My reading of the rules and...
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    802.11be the cheap way.... <$40

    I ran into that as well. I found some commits for the regdb that say it's intentional. I was mostly interested in 6ghz, so I have been hoping to get some time to look into it more. I was able to set the region, but it doesn't seem persistent.
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    VPN and internet provider blocking - what to do?

    Haven't been on, real life. :) The googleadservices link is frequently blocked by DNS adblock setups. I suspect Proton is trying to help you avoid tracking, which is why they block it. You can set up your own DNS if you prefer, or perhaps they have an option to not use their DNS when you...
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    VPN and internet provider blocking - what to do?

    Signal strength? I mean... maybe for a wifi client, but it connects to the FIOS box with ethernet, doesn't it? Or do you mean a 5ghz wifi signal? It's possible that a wifi WAN link does indeed drop packets/signal. That could be caused by all sorts of things. radio links are a pain. If your setup...
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    VPN and internet provider blocking - what to do?

    I find it difficult to believe they would block VPNs and it would work on your desktop fine. They don't really know which machine on your network is the source, though with v6 they might see it's on your subnet. They could mess with things based on the destination, but that would affect every...
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    Brocade ICX6610-48p POE issues with grandstream devices

    I can't say for the switch specifically, but my Aruba has options to disable POE on a port. You might well have already verified something else works on that port, but it might be worth checking as well. It might also be worth checking what POE standards both ends support. When I first started...
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    ZOL - refresh a pool status when disk is physically missing

    That they are saying mirror, and only 2 disks, it can't be raidz. Has to be mirror. So it sounds like they are removing a drive using the ZFS CLI. Something like "zpool offline" perhaps? Then physically removed the other drive. I'm surprised it didn't throw an error and take the pool offline...
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    ZFS performance host vs VM

    If your application can run in a container, I found I got much better performance that way. I just figured that the VM overhead was causing issues. Proxmox can auto-mount a host path on the container and it appears to perform near native. As for performance on Z1... I don't know about that...
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    Need help with building fiber network.

    If you can, I would run conduit first. That way, you can use it later when you want to add more drops, and trust me, you always do. :) You aren't going that far, so you don't need anything too special. How fast do you want to go? The fiber you need differs depending on speed. 10G is pretty...
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    802.11be the cheap way.... <$40

    Cool idea. I've read that this trick isn't a great idea though. I never could figure out why. The implication was that performance was crap. I would like to set up something like this eventually, the router/AP boxes are overpriced at an insane level for the newer wifi standards. Even 6E would be...
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    New to Docker Containers with Home Servers

    I like containers for efficiency. However, I am not a huge fan of some of the things Docker does with networking and such. It's fine, and some things are much nicer than other platforms. I just wish people would include at least one distro package though, or even just instructions to set up an...
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    Cost effective MFP Duplex Color Laser Printer - Ongoing toner costs

    I love Brother printers. They have a good selection with network support, decent quality, and no crazy requirements for drivers etc.. They "just work" with everything. Windows, Linux, Android, ChromeOS, whatever. No screwy DRM and usually very good aftermarket toner support. I use a mono MFC and...
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    best NAS OS

    raidz only, and unless you are using a newer version. They added the ability to grow raidz a while back. It's not perfect, but it's not horrible. For a number of years, I've been running striped mirrors. I can expand or add anytime. Either add a pair to the stripe, or just replace individual...
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    best NAS OS

    ZFS: I really like the reliability. There are even some options to expand raidz volumes now on Linux. For Linux based, proxmox is nice. Solaris based setups work great, but Oracle bugs some people. There's also BSD based options. They all have pros and cons. It depends a lot on what features and...
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    VLANs with non-VLAN Router

    This is how I do it, which might help. The inter-VLAN routing is on an OpnSense box. The main switch handles the VLAN isolation. Managed switches usually have 2 modes for the VLAN side. One, everything on a port is on whatever VLAN you tell it. Other VLAN traffic is blocked. The second is a...
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    First real server, how to power sata SSD inside this unit?

    If you want Linux, don't let it stop you. For a file server, Proxmox works great out of the box with ZFS. It also supports Containers (like BSD jails) and KVM virtual machines. I wouldn't want a distro that doesn't natively ship ZFS for a storage box. Dealing with the kernel patching, even the...
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    Post highest hours HDD you have for the end of 2022

    Thought it might be fun to check. Now I'm thinking I should get a backup drive ordered. 2TB spinner. :)