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  1. Nugget

    *SOLD*: (2) Ruckus R710 and (1) Ruckus T300 (outdoor) access points

    I have two Ruckus R710 access points and a single T300 (outdoor) access point for sale. I'm the original owner and have been running them happily in my home for the past three years paired with a ZD1200 controller appliance. My ZD1200 died and I've decided to downgrade to UniFI as a...
  2. Nugget

    256GB on Supermicro A2SDi-H-TF

    For the record, I'm on 1.1c and hesitate to update for exactly the reasons @EffrafaxOfWug mentions. I do still have the Samsung sticks on hand, though, so it might be worth experimenting before I ship them back.
  3. Nugget

    256GB on Supermicro A2SDi-H-TF

    Following up with a non-successful attempt. This Samsung RAM does not work. It's definitely 4Rx4 but same effect when installed.
  4. Nugget

    256GB on Supermicro A2SDi-H-TF

    Interesting, that does seem definitive. Going by the "MEM-DR464L-SL01-ER24" part number, that should be what I bought (according to Supermicro), but looking at the actual sticks they sent they're labelled as 2Rx4. So I didn't get what I ordered. I guess now I just need to find a source for...
  5. Nugget

    256GB on Supermicro A2SDi-H-TF

    I don't have any other systems here that I'm able to use to test the RAM with. The motherboard manual makes no reference to LRDIMMs, but that's a possible explanation.
  6. Nugget

    256GB on Supermicro A2SDi-H-TF

    I'm hoping to stuff 256GB (4x64GB) onto a Supermicro A2SDi-H-TF (it's a FreeNAS Mini XL+) but I'm not having much Luck. This is a supported config according to the manual, but Supermicro doesn't supply any certified part numbers for this config (or even a 128gb config of 32gb sticks). I bought...
  7. Nugget

    FreeNAS Cloud sync with delayed delete?

    Using Backblaze B2 can also solve the delayed deletion concern. You can apply complex lifecycle rules to your backup bucket to retain revision history on files and control how long stale/deleted files are retained before being removed from the sync. This will all work fine underneath the...
  8. Nugget

    Security Cams & TV to Monitor them

    I'm not a fan of systemd and I wouldn't want to write something that depended on it. If I ever decide that 49 lines of shell script is too complicated, I'll go in a different direction. :)
  9. Nugget

    Security Cams & TV to Monitor them

    I use a Raspberry Pi for this, pulling the feeds directly from my Axis cameras (although any IP camera should work). My code also uses omxplayer underneath, but it's designed for simplicity. Fires up on bootup and doesn't require an active login on the box. The raspberry Pi is velcro'd to the...
  10. Nugget

    Where to download ZFSguru / FreeNAS?

    @Patrick does it still make sense for this thread to be sticky? It's nine years out of date and the links are all incorrect. ZFSguru appears to have been abandoned in 2017.
  11. Nugget

    pfSense 2.4.4 Released

    I upgraded my SG-4860 last night and it went fine, but it took well over 30 minutes to reboot. I'm not sure if there was some sort of UEFI boot migration or something unusual with this upgrade, but it was an unnerving delay. By the time I dug out a USB cable to try and rig up the serial...
  12. Nugget

    Is this a valid IPv6 address and can you help me convert it?

    Perhaps this can serve as a wake up call that it's far past time for technologists and network admins to understand and implement IPv6.
  13. Nugget

    how widespread is 2.5G and 5G ethernet hardware?

    2.5/5 still allow for PoE. You give that up with anything faster. That's one reason it's attractive for WiFi access points. You're not bottlenecked on the Ethernet side, but you can still drive the AP with a single cable and centralized power.
  14. Nugget

    macOS High Sierra App and iCloud caching service

    Edit to add: You can also view the asset cache logs by running the macOS Console (in Applications/Utilities) and searching for "AssetCache" like this:
  15. Nugget

    macOS High Sierra App and iCloud caching service

    With the release of macOS 10.13 High Sierra Apple have made a big change to their App and iCloud content caching services. This used to be part of the add-on macOS Server package, but with 10.13 they've moved the caching service into the regular desktop macOS operating system. This means that...
  16. Nugget

    Fed up with BRTFS Redhat to create new ZFS-like FS called Stratis

    The CDDL license is plenty open. It's GNU's less open intent with the GPL that makes it incompatible. Notably there are plenty of projects (like the BSDs) that have no difficulty working with CDDL'd code all with more open licenses than GPL. The GPL was designed specifically to be difficult...
  17. Nugget

    Is there Cheap/Affordable Colocation?

    Offering colocation is expensive for the provider because they then need to have locking, enclosed racks with site access controls and staffing sufficient to support 24/7 access to the facility by customers. It's not just keeping your server powered and connected but the expense of having a...
  18. Nugget

    Vehicle Projects - Race Cars -- Share yours!

    That was just from when I picked the car back up from Sharky down in Fremont. That's the configuration that SCCA was running the week I was there. Car's back in Texas now and I guess I won't be back out west until the next rebuild in another 50k miles.
  19. Nugget

    Active closet ventilation installation

    I was inspired by a post by @matt_garman in the Closet ventilation thread thread from several years back. It motivated me to finally install some exhaust ventilation for my server closet so that I can run with the closet door closed. (You can click the photos below to view them in higher...
  20. Nugget

    Vehicle Projects - Race Cars -- Share yours!

    Does Noctua make radiator fans? :)