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    159$ US 'new' Quanta D51B-1U LGA2011-3 Server Best Offer

    There are two type of BIOS on QuantaGrid-D51B | 1U Rackmount Server | One is S2B_3A** other is S2B_3B**. Mine last is S2B_3A22. Are those BIOS compitable? I tried flash S2B_3B09 via maintance menu in IPMI. Flashing had no issue but server had black screen with new BIOS. So I returned...
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    Unable to gain access into Sun X2821A infiniband switch

    hey all, I know this is an old thread. Does it compitable with non-SUN QSFP to QSFP cables? Can I use it with HP G8 servers (they have melanox card) ?
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    Fusion-IO Firmware Update

    Thank you. E-mail fff-file to me. My fff-file does not have files like yours.
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    Fusion-IO Firmware Update

    There are different sections in INFO file. I had tried : version = file = gen3_orange_fusion_8.9.9.118194.bin format = bin ecc = 11b cntrpdiversion = 0.0.14 cntrpdifile = planck_0.0.14.pdi cntrpdiformat = pdi nce = 1f80000 nceversion = ncefile = nce_1.0.9.100764.bin...
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    Fusion-IO Firmware Update

    My cisco branded ssd has part '5491-72337-1600G'. Which pn should I replace? I find only [5491-72340] in INFO file .
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    Supermicro X9DRD 1U chassis 126 USD

    Yes. In my case I need disable vga jumper and clear cmos in order video card work.
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    Supermicro X9DRD 1U chassis 126 USD

    Hi. Doest it support video cards in PCIe slot ? My FX 580 512 MB do not give picture. May be there are some setting in BIOS ?
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    Flashing 530-8i with latest firmware

    Hi I have ThinkSystem RAID 530-8i in my not Lenovo server. Current it have next firmware. Firmware Package Build = 50.0.1-0378 Firmware Version = 5.001.01-0888 SBR Version = 5.0202.05-286 Boot Block Version = Bios Version = NVDATA Version =...
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    Quanta 2ML Render Farm - rack, 10 dual e5-2670 and 10Gb switch $3850

    There are few questions about Foxconn T2491601 Motherboard in a Chenbro 1u Case, What is the chipset on this motherboard? Does it really support LGA2011-V2? What is the version of PCIe slots? Does it work 10 Gbe port ?