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    PM9A3 Firmware / ERRORMOD related to fw version

    It's still there. You can find it under /UploadYourFWStuff/PM9A3/GDC7502Q.bin
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    PM9A3 Firmware / ERRORMOD related to fw version

    Thank you for the quick response! Firmware is flashed and it's working. :)
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    PM9A3 Firmware / ERRORMOD related to fw version

    According to NVIDIA, the latest firmware version for the M.2 variant is GDC7502Q. Version 1.1.0 — dgxh100-fw-update-guide 1 documentation This archive should contain that firmware file as well: DGXH100_1.1.0.tar Does any of you has access to the Enterprise download area? If yes, then please...
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    Does Synology E10M20-T1 10Gbe/NVMe card work in ESXi ?

    @haregh19 Did you manage to get working this card on ESXi?
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    ESXi 6.5 Brand New Install "Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password"

    My server was running since 130 days and suddenly I couldn't log in to the UI anymore. I didn't want to reboot it, thus i found a solution to solve it: Go to the console, press F2, log in, go to Troubleshooting Options and there choose Restart Management Agents Go back to the UI and log in as...
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    Crossflashing of LSI 9341-8i to LSI 9300-8i. Success (but no SMART pass through)

    Here is my tutorial How to crossflashing an Intel RS3UC080 to LSI 9300-8i: Based on the original thread of vorticity_flux. Many THANKS for it!!! I have used these files: sas3flash.efi --> SAS3 Flash Utility v11.00.00.00 (2015.08.04) Installer_P10_for_UEFI (394 KB) SAS9300_8i_IT.bin --> MPT...