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  1. J 100m SFP-10G-T100 / ubiquiti UACC-CM-RJ45-MG

    I don't know if you are on the side of the module implementing it wrongly, or tp-link should be more accepting of this design - but it sounds like what they have said makes some sense :-)
  2. J 100m SFP-10G-T100 / ubiquiti UACC-CM-RJ45-MG

    TP-Link didn't make it sound like it would be specific to them; but it can't generally apply or it wouldn't work even in a unifi switch! There may also be a newer hardware revision if Ubiquiti care about broader compatibility and this has hit their radar (I did raise it directly with them). I...
  3. J

    Thoughts on complete home network revamp Firewall/Switch/WiFi

    I built out a large home network (multiple buildings with fibre between them, plus at least half a dozen access points) in the UAP-AC-Pro era (around 5 years ago I guess). When I moved house (a year ago), I built out an equivalent sized TP-Link Omada network Why did I swap? Ubiquiti quality...
  4. J 100m SFP-10G-T100 / ubiquiti UACC-CM-RJ45-MG

    I found the response I got from tp-link about the unifi module
  5. J 100m SFP-10G-T100 / ubiquiti UACC-CM-RJ45-MG

    Hi, Just wanted to give some feedback here for some long link 10gb connections. I have approx 70m of cat6 cabling going between my house and garage and wanted to try running it at 10Gb even though it is "out of spec". I have TP-Link Omada switches with SFP+ ports at each end. I first tried...