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    [SOLD] FS - Chassis blowout! 2U storage w/ NVMe, 4U workstation, 1U storage 12x 3.5" - must sell asap! [SOLD]

    Sorry for delays in responding - I went to sleep! :-p Photos for the CSE-826 are below. I can take more or for the other units as requested. I'll respond to people in the order of PMs after a few meetings this morning.
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    Thoughts on building a silent home storage and virtualization hot swap tower server

    +1 to uldise's advice to stick with Supermicro. FYI - I've just listed a CSE-747 super cheap in the sale section. It has the 1400 W SuperQuiet power supplies already and could be modded with quieter chassis fans.
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    [SOLD] FS - Chassis blowout! 2U storage w/ NVMe, 4U workstation, 1U storage 12x 3.5" - must sell asap! [SOLD]

    I need to clear some space urgently. I'm confident these are already very good deals but I'll take any reasonable offer to get them moved. Prefer local pick up (94025) but will ship at cost too. Everything will be very well packed. Supermicro CSE-826BAC4-R920LPB SOLD Great 2U chassis with 12x...
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    WTB: Brocade ICX 7150 [24/24p/48/48p] switch. 7150-24p preferred

    Can you point me to any documentation on that OEM setting for fanless operation!? I'm was thinking specifically about a 7150-24p but will likely just buy new.
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    Asrock Rack ROMED4ID-2T

    Any idea on when they'll be generally available?
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    Sold [US-CA] 12U Gizmac Xrackpro platinum (grey)

    I might be interested. - What's the maximum server depth supported? I found some mention of 35" online. - Does the front door seal correctly? In the first picture it looks misaligned but could just be ajar.
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    Xeon D-1541 Quanta storage servers on ebay

    Another shoutout for great customer service from @core4solutions. They're sending me out a replacement system ASAP.
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    Xeon D-1541 Quanta storage servers on ebay

    I think mine is dead. Can anyone help confirm? - Nothing on the VGA output. Cable and monitor are known good. - No DHCP request from the BMC. - PSU and chassis fans ramp up and then settle down. - System seems to reboot itself after a few minutes. - CMOS battery was dead; swapped that for a...
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    Tyan Transport SX TS65A-B8036 2U 28-bay AMD EPYC Server Review

    @Think thank you, that is helpful and suggests it would be appropriate for my use-case. Did you buy a pre-configured system or were you able to buy a bare-bones chassis + mb + psu etc. If so, where from?
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    Tyan Transport SX TS65A-B8036 2U 28-bay AMD EPYC Server Review

    Hey @Patrick or @Think, can you comment on the approximate noise levels from this under idle and moderate load conditions? How does it compare say to a typical Supermicro 2u. I see only 3x 80mm fans... I ask because I'm considering it for a location where there will be a single standard wall...
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    Cheapest 25/100GbE switch options?

    Fairly loud. It’s got a 4x 40mm fan wall between the mainboard and power supplies. I have mine in the garage which is okay, I definitely wouldn’t want it in the same room. You can adjust the fan profile a bit, at least under Cumulus, but it’s overridden by the ASIC at the bottom end. I’m...
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    [USA] Supermicro workstation chassis + HP ML30 G9 4u server (with E3-1230v5)

    I need to move these bulky servers *immediately* to clear space. Prices are really cheap and I'm open to offers. I'll pay shipping for CONUS, which is a lot because they're heavy. Your win, my loss! Supermicro CSE-747TG-R1400SQ chassis Awesome workstation chassis, reasonably quiet so great for...
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    FS: 2x Supermicro X10SRM-F motherboards

    Yes. Same price as the other two originally listed. I’m out of the country until the new year.
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    FS: 2x Supermicro X10SRM-F motherboards

    Not trying to hijack the thread but this reminds me that I’ve got one of these boards unused if you or anyone else wants another after these sell.
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    WTB: SA120 DAS

    I've got one that I'm probably looking to offload and I'm in the bay area. 2x PSU, single IO, 4-6 caddies, original box, something like a 9200-8e. PM me with an offer?
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    Supermicro X9DRD 1U chassis 126 USD

    @Stefan2k4 You need both CPUs populated to use the x16 slot. It's a modified X9DRD-LF, see the >manual< on the Supermicro site.
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    Supermicro X9DRD 1U chassis 126 USD

    These did come out of a large compute cluster. They were running 2x E5-2620 v2s. The seller has them for $39 or BO. I may be able to offer advice if anyone has issues.
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    FS: JBOD parts / HBAs / CPU / Mem / Supermicro chassis / HP ML30g9

    @vl1969 yes, it’s SAS2 so it will support drives over 2TB. Your 4 and 6 TB drives will be seen, assuming your current problems are with your HBAs.