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    Looking to upgrading my Unraid server

    What quality are you streaming at? Even a single 4k stream shouldn't saturate what a single disk can read at. It seems like it might be more of a network/FireTV issue.
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    PMS 4.0...PMS 5.0...PMS 6.0...No PMS 7.0! Plex/Storage server upgrade [PICS]

    So you were the one people were losing their minds over not having dual parity on Reddit yesterday. :)
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    One big home server or several small ones?

    If you are going all RasPi, you may want to look at this: The Raspberry Pi PiServer tool - Raspberry Pi That way you can do away with the SD cards altogether and boot the RasPi from the network. That would allow easy backup of the images and make changes super easy.
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    OS drive failed - now what about the ZFS RAID 1 storage drives?

    What they said ^^ I just had to do something similar a couple of weeks ago. Proxmox os crashed, I reinstalled the OS, and used zfs import and was able to get my datastores back like nothing ever happened. ZFS is great!
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    What hardware have you used to build your own router?

    Quite a few people have been using an HP T620 plus thin client for Pfsense. That's what I'm currently using and it has been working great. Here's a thread that goes into detail about it...
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    An interesting challenge that requires some help

    You should be able to setup a linux vm and use handbrake to convert the files to MP4. Have you tried converting a file to MP4 to verify its the mkv files causing the issue? I used this guide to setup a pc to rip my dvd collection. It looks for disc's in the player, rips them using MakeMKV...
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    Home Server Help

    In my opinion, I would forget about RAID. Kinda. There are a lot of different technologies around now that offer RAID like redundancy, without the potential headaches involved with it. I'm currently using Un-RAID for storing most of my data files and media (Photos, Ripped DVD, Music, etc). It...
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    Replacing Hard Drive Heads at home

    Several years ago I attempted changing the circuit board on a hard drive to try and recover data. I can't remember if I was successful or not.. But I'm 90% sure I was not. If he wants to try it just to say he can, go for it. But i wouldn't trust any of those hard drives afterwards. Especially...
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    Turbocharge your Quanta LB6M - Flash To Brocade TurboIron - Big Update!

    The first is the IP Address you are assigning the switch. The second is the IP Address of a TFTP server that is serving the brocadeboot.bin file. You will need to setup a TFTP server so the switch can copy the file to memory. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Turbocharge your Quanta LB6M - Flash To Brocade TurboIron - Big Update!

    Add another one to the successful flashes to the brocade firmware! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Turbocharge your Quanta LB6M - Flash To Brocade TurboIron - Big Update!

    Just got confirmation that my LB6M will be delivered today! Any tips or things i should be on the lookout for before i flash the brocade firmware?? Thanks!
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    DIY Server Rack Build Log

    I hope they work good. They are really nice quality at least! Updated the first post with some more progress. Slowly getting there. Can't wait to start getting my servers wired up in it!
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    DIY Server Rack Build Log

    Lucky for me my dad already had the saws, so this project made all that much more sense. Still has ended up costing more then i originally thought, all the little things add up quick. But still cheaper then a new rack of this size and i feel like it will work better for what i want. Updated the...
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    DIY Server Rack Build Log

    Thanks!! Thanks! Already have front and back doors made, just need to put them on. Back door is solid and the front door is going to have a tinted plexiglass window. Up top on the front there are 3 120mm intake fans and 3 120mm exhaust fans on the back. Mine would not fit all, even if i...
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    DIY Server Rack Build Log

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    DIY Server Rack Build Log

    Hello Everyone! For some time now i have been wanting to downsize my home server rack. (Full size 42U). I don't need the space and want something that will fit in my basement. The 42u won't fit and is in my garage currently. However, i couldn't find any 24u full depth racks locally and i...
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    help re-organizing homelab after long tinkering stint

    Same thing applies to storage. Especially backup traffic as that can have a lot impact on network speed. You could also separate out Wifi on a VLAN and use Pfsense to route/allow certain traffic to your servers if needed. (ie. Plex, etc) I have an overkill home network with 4 or 5 VLANs. Not...
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    Qlogic QLE3142/Netxen NX3-20G Nic Issues

    Hello All, New here so i think this is the right location for this post. I have a Dell 2950 running ESXi 5.5 and a custom built server running Freenas 9.10. I recently purchased 2 Qlogic QLE3142/NetXen NX3-20G 10gbe nics off ebay to setup a 10gb link between the 2 servers. I installed the...