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    Sun ORACLE X3-2L w/ 4x F40 400GB SSDs & 2x E5-2630L ~ $145

    What advantage does the warpdrive firmware give you? It seems to be in jbod only mode by default, but being able to put them all in raid 0 would be nice when the os doesn't support software raid.
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    Two PCIe SSDs (3.2TB & 1.6TB)

    It should work fine as a boot drive if the board supports booting from nvme devices(most that are about 2016 and newer will(and some older boards with bios updates/mods)
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    Sun ORACLE X3-2L w/ 4x F40 400GB SSDs & 2x E5-2630L ~ $145

    Offered $99.99 and they accepted. Lets see whats its like. I have used a few of the sun f series ssds(I have the f20, f40, f320) and have been happy with all of them.
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    Two PCIe SSDs (3.2TB & 1.6TB)

    According to smart, 1696 hours right now, probably 24 of those are me using here. Here is the full smart data from my drive. Nothing looks odd, so Im guessing they haven't tampered with it. I should probably get a fan on it, its running pretty toasty now. SMART/Health Information (NVMe Log...
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    Two PCIe SSDs (3.2TB & 1.6TB)

    Got my drive in today. Did some initial testing on an old dual 1366 system and got speeds limited by pcie gen 2 x8. My drive had 50TB written according to smartctl, and showed 0% life used. Excited to replace my main vm drive.
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    Radeon Pro Duo, 32GB gddr5 $450 NEW

    Does anyone know if this board supports sr-iov? If its does, Id love to pick it up for some vdi testing.
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    Make Windows 10 think an iSCSI Disk is a standard hard drive

    My guess is the optane software will only let you cache drives connected to the intel sata controller, and thats what its scanning.
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    High Endurance M.2 (SATA not NVMe) SSD?

    The only drive i can think of now is a 860 evo 2tb. Its m.2 and has a endurance rating of 1.2PB. But its still a consumer drive. Then don't seem to make m.2 versions of the 860 pro that would work well here. Most all enterprise m.2 drives are nvme it seems.