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  1. Lance Joseph

    Mellanox Switches - Tips & Tricks

    I've DM'd the details to you. Cheers Lance
  2. Lance Joseph

    Remove ONIE and install MLNX-OS

    Sent you a DM if you still need a copy.
  3. Lance Joseph

    When will the EPYC 7002 dump on the second hand market?

    The title pretty much sums up my question. Many of you probably remember when the Xeon E5 v1/v2 processors dumped on eBay and became powerful yet super cheap options for home servers. For at least the last year we've seen the EPYC 7001 series processors on eBay for rock bottom prices as well...
  4. Lance Joseph

    SuperComputing 2018

    I'd noticed that Seagate is missing from the show floor this year. Anyone have any idea why? I was going to ask a colleague of mine to visit their booth so as to shake hands and make nice. Is this somehow a consequence of Cray having bought some of Seagate's ClusterStor business?
  5. Lance Joseph

    Connectx-3 EN CX314A-BCBT 40/56 GbE for USD19

    Would you mind throwing the model up on Thingiverse and/or here? Might be useful for others to have.
  6. Lance Joseph

    SuperComputing 2016

    I came here looking for a thread about SC16 and was not let down! Would you guys want to meet up tomorrow or Friday? @MatrixMJK @Patrick @everyone
  7. Lance Joseph

    6TB Enterprise class HDD - $229 - 5Y warranty

    Hey guys, I almost posted this a week ago when the price was $250 but now the price is even lower! This is an Enterprise class 6TB hard drive that hits a particular sweet spot for those that are warranty conscious. Newegg is offering this drive for $269 plus a 15% mobile discount until 10/16...
  8. Lance Joseph

    Pluribus Networks - 48x10G + 4x40G switch ($1500)

    I heard about Pluribus Networks last week and found this switch on eBay for $1500. These switches run a complete (Ubuntu-based, I believe) OS and are highly configurable. I've no idea whether this is actually a really good deal or not but I'm sharing here nonetheless. Pluribus Networks PB...
  9. Lance Joseph

    Quanta LB4M 48-Port Gigabit Switch Discussion

    I'd posted a while back about getting sFlow working on this switch. It's not difficult to setup and can help one visualize various types of traffic. First, go to and download sFlowTrend which is available for free. Next, run through the installer, start the client, and setup sFlow on...
  10. Lance Joseph

    Samsung 850 Pros fall over under heavy read/write workloads

    It looks like Samsung Magician doesn't have the option to perform a Secure Erase in Windows 8 and above (including Server 2012 R2). Yes my colleague was using the same systems on which I'm testing and reproducing these issues. In my first post, I listed some of the hardware configurations with...
  11. Lance Joseph

    Samsung 850 Pros fall over under heavy read/write workloads

    This drive finally did the thing. Thanks! I ran the tests on another system with 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25%. The drives with 10% and 25% also did the thing and the 15% and 20% OP drives followed suit a half-hour later. I fired up a new system and set the OP to 25%, 35%, 45%, and 50% (the maximum...
  12. Lance Joseph

    Samsung 850 Pros fall over under heavy read/write workloads

    Thanks for bringing this up. I'd not bothered to modify or tweak the over provisioning until you'd mentioned it. All tests performed prior to the ones below were using the default drive configuration which does not allocate over provisioning. I just fired up a series of tests on three 256G 850...
  13. Lance Joseph

    Samsung 850 Pros fall over under heavy read/write workloads

    Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to mention that temps seem okay. The drives are in Supermicro systems supplied with A/C and steady airflow. I've observed them maintaining a temperature from 20C all the way up to 30C. So I don't believe I'm hitting a critical temperature threshold that's...
  14. Lance Joseph

    Samsung 850 Pros fall over under heavy read/write workloads

    I've a handful or two of Windows Server 2012 R2 systems that can with some consistency, make various flavors of Samsung 850 Pro drives disappear from the OS. My test systems include a number of different hardware configurations. These includes combinations of Xeon E5 V2/3 processors with LSI SAS...
  15. Lance Joseph

    WD RED Temps

    I've a couple hundred of the WD60EFRX that are idling at the moment between 31-38 C. These are in 44-disk Supermicro JBODs which are air conditioned with a moderate air flow. I've 100 of the WD6001FFWX in different Supermicro enclosures which idle between 26-30 C.
  16. Lance Joseph

    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    I had the same issue with a Supermicro motherboard purchased from Newegg. I ended up RMAing the board and getting a new one which worked fine. If swapping memory and processors around doesn't work, then you'll likely need to RMA the board.
  17. Lance Joseph

    Flash OEM (IBM) Mellanox ConnectX-3 EN with stock firmware?

    This was a very helpful post, @izx !! Thank you. I've successfully flashed one MCX313A and two MCX314A (ConnectX-3 QSFP+) cards. Just a heads up for anyone else that comes along. If you'd like to switch between Infiniband/Ethernet/VPI modes, just use the following command: mst.exe status This...
  18. Lance Joseph

    RDMA with 40GB Ethernet Mellanox ConnectX3 Cards

    I'd like a copy of the firmware if you don't mind ;) You should be able to upload it here as a file to avoid self-hosting. I'd tried numerous 40G QSFP+ cables with the Z9000, all of which worked fine. Part numbers (according to the Quanta T5016-LB8D into which they're now connected) ...
  19. Lance Joseph

    RDMA with 40GB Ethernet Mellanox ConnectX3 Cards

    I started a similar project around the time that you first posted this. I've three systems, each with a Connectx-3, connected to a Z9000. My aim is similar to yours - to play with Storage Spaces Direct! My Z9000 is running the following firmware: Stack-unit 0 FLASH BOOT[boot]...
  20. Lance Joseph

    Intel XL710-QDA2 - $549

    I'd tried the Mellanox Connectx-3 cards with the 4-to-1 (QSFP+ -> SFP+) cable but only got link on the first SFP+ cable. It may be possible to get this to work, but that's not a rabbit hole I'm prepared to go down at the moment. I was going to pick up a pair of XL710-DA2 cards, but my vendor...