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    14 TB SAS HDD *NEW* $135

    We haven't been able to reformat the HPE 3PAR's to 512 byte sectors, HUGO and SG_Format (with / without --six, with regular format as 520 followed by format to 512) have been unsuccessful.
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    All HDDs on Serverpartdeals are out of stock?

    We had inventory issues earlier this week, everything should be corrected now. Sorry for the lapse!
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    Strange HD. What is this thing?

    Try the following from a linux environment to see if it can be 'unclipped' sg_scan -i (to identify the drives) sg_format --format --count=-1 --size=512 /dev/XXX (replace XXX) or sg_format --resize --count=-1 /dev/XXX (replace XXX)
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    18TB Recertified Seagate Exos $189

    Hi all - created an account today due to all of the referrals we saw from servethehome this week. Thanks for posting Bert! To provide some clarity about the warranty - we provide 2 year warranties on all 3.5" Recertified condition HDD's. These 18TB recert drives do not have a warranty from Seagate.