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  1. Blinky 42

    APC SUA2200RM2U Ultra Short Battery Life

    Does it report a load that lines up with what you expect for the equipment plugged into the unit? How long does it run w/o any devices plugged into it with just the UPS's internal load on the battery?
  2. Blinky 42

    Seek suggestions for server room set up

    Thanks, the extra details help fill in the picture. I totally agree that you need to be careful if you are not staff there and getting roped into how to spend the money on the project. You do want to get buy in from the long term staff who will be responsible for keeping what is build up and...
  3. Blinky 42

    Seek suggestions for server room set up

    Do you have any budget in mind? What expansion plans do you have for the equipment in the next year or so, or more accurately what do you want to be prepared for? How much runtime do you need the UPS's to support? Is there any other power backup available (like a generator etc) and you just need...
  4. Blinky 42

    LS-26 to C14 PSU cable

    This might be it HP 651449-B21 HP 2.3FT LS26-C14 PWR CORD - SMART IT Hardware and Services looks like HPE has a similar cord I think they use that dumb connector since it is designed for 277V power setup vs 208/240.
  5. Blinky 42

    SOLVED (OLD Servers) - Two SuperMicro servers died without reason

    I have had x8 and x7 boards die on me in strange ways over the years - I always figured it was the on motherboard voltage regulation getting out of spec with the caps or something going bad after 12-15 years. Not uncommon to have one dim at a time report as bad - like the server would crash and...
  6. Blinky 42

    Upgrade 10G network and move away from CX4

    If you want to stick with the cli you are used to with the HPE stuff, swapping over to an Aruba 2540 48G 4SFP+ Switch (JL355A) is dirt-simple but not super cheap. Looks like your 2940 48G or the old 2810-48G's but have 10G SFP+ ports instead. You can also set the flag to allow unsupported...
  7. Blinky 42

    Help! HP R5000 UPS voltage issue

    Yes you really don't want to split the outputs and use one leg as 120V, it isn't designed for that and the different load on each leg is probably a big cause of the difference in voltage you are measuring. It is trying and the actual peak to peak is still 240V but it is making unhappy faces at...
  8. Blinky 42

    Help! HP R5000 UPS voltage issue

    Did you try and set to to one of the other output voltages to see if the 2 legs are more balanced? Did you test it under load or at idle? Overall I wouldn't expect it to cause a lot of problems except loss of efficiency as long as you are feeding your equipment with the 240V it is generating and...
  9. Blinky 42

    Biggest personal file management pain points?

    In addition to "work" and "home" / "family" type groups I also have things broken up by broad categories like code, photos, movies, backups, etc. Looking across everything without some of the top-level filters is almost never what I want to do, and running "locate foo" is too slow on most...
  10. Blinky 42

    Online (double conversion) UPS noise: Cyberpower OL1500 or APC 1500 RM?

    All of the APC and Eaton UPS's I have are decently quiet unless running on battery, recharging after a power loss or running at near capacity so that the fans kick up to full speed to keep the inside cool. Around the house and office I have * Eaton 5P 1500 (tower) * APC Smart-UPS 1500 (tower)...
  11. Blinky 42

    Protectli like with 10G interfaces?

    Looks like this is the board Netboard A20 – Deciso B.V. – Securing Networks™ but they don't (yet) do single piece sales. Or at least without opnsense bundled in since it is the same shop behind the scenes. Looks like it was custom build for them based on their joint PR from some other places...
  12. Blinky 42

    TrueNAS to Synology SSH Connection for Rsync

    You need to chown rsync:users ~/.ssh/authorized_keys chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys Then it should look like -rw------- 1 rsync rsync 401 May x xx:xx authorized_keys When you do a ls -la ~rsync/.ssh You may need to sudo /bin/bash first or do this as a root user to be ale to change...
  13. Blinky 42

    TrueNAS to Synology SSH Connection for Rsync

    most unix commands don't give you feedback unless there was an error. Try ssh'ing into "Falcon" (Im guessing the target NAS box) and do pwd ls -l ls -la ~rsync/.ssh To see what things look like. Unix permissions are a bitmask and usually represented in octal, with user / group / world...
  14. Blinky 42

    Rack screws and matching screwdrivers

    Huh don't know about the rack studs but might be worth a shot, but the all plastic aspect is concerning at first glance, probably wouldn't be an issue in reality. The CPI Clik Nuts are another option to consider...
  15. Blinky 42

    Rack screws and matching screwdrivers

    #2 Phillips (P2) tends to be most common for rack screws. Unless it is just a 2-post for patch panels and switches, I would highly advise against getting a rack that has tapped holes for screws vs square holes that would need cage nuts & screws. The small angled desktop frames like...
  16. Blinky 42

    TrueNAS to Synology SSH Connection for Rsync

    That looks like you don't have the ssh keys setup properly (I don't use either NAS but looks like normal SSH permission/key issues - super common no worries :) ) It looks like one of those links you found goes into decent detail about it Backup Truenas to Synology via rsync – Spencer's Blog...
  17. Blinky 42

    [SOLVED] HDMI-over-IP/HDBaseT-over-IP? Anyone can share experience?

    If you really want to go down that path and are pulling a new line between 2 locations, pull a cable with 12 or 20 strands of single-mode fiber. Then you have enough fiber to do a mix of KVM stuff plus dedicated high speed Ethernet between the sites You can do something like this for each...
  18. Blinky 42

    [SOLVED] HDMI-over-IP/HDBaseT-over-IP? Anyone can share experience?

    The pure HDMI to IP stuff has to transcode the potentially 48Gb data stream down to 1Gb and will add lag that makes it unacceptable for interactive use. I have a lot of HDMI encoding hardware but it is at best 1/2 second lag and the cost is high. You will quickly surpass the cost of buying...
  19. Blinky 42

    installing cage nuts?

    The click nuts are nice - but if not an option, The APC racks come with a little spring steel tool that works ok. A thin flat-bladed screwdriver can also be quite handy depending on the nut you use. Hooking one side in the hole, and the the tool you rest on the other side of the hole and...
  20. Blinky 42

    WTB: Colo/Data Center Space near Manhattan/NYC for non-critical homelab

    For 300-500/mo you probably are going to have better luck sharing a space with someone else who has a mostly empty cabinet, or swing a deal with someone who has some office space nearby. I don't know of anything that inexpensive except for shared space colo, where your stuff is racked up in...