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    15.3TB WD Western Digital DC SN640, 4 or more for $594.15/ea

    If only I had a chassis for these...
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    $125 - (Dell Labeled) Aquantia AQS-107 SFP+ to RJ45 NBase-T Transceivers

    3 ideas for someone who may be doing this to connect to a 2.5gbps GPON ONT - 1. These may be much better, but there was a review on the STH website that compared NBASE-T SFPs that claimed some worked fine at 2.5. 2. If you're like me, and your GPON ONT came in a Sfp form factor, it won't work...
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    INTEL SSD D7-P5510 3.84tb - $320 or less @ebay

    I think with the risk factored in, the price is a little higher than it should be, but since the seller is willing to accept offers, you can put in an offer for what you think these are worth. Having been burned before, I'd bite at ~60-75% of their asking price personally.
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    PCIE 3 x8 adapter for OCP 2.0 cards - $18

    I wish I could find the reverse adapter - an adapter to connect a regular pcie card into an OCP mezz slot... I've got a couple of the Dual Xeon-D boards that I would love to use with custom cards.
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    [Not sure if a good deal] - QCT QuantaPlex T41S-2U 12x 3.5" LFF Bay 4x Node Server @ $619.9

    Not really sure if this is a deal since I've been out of the loop for a while now. I can't grab it myself, but maybe someone else would like it... QCT QuantaPlex T41S-2U 12x 3.5" LFF Bay 4x Node Server Barebone System | eBay ($499.95 + $ 119.95 S&H) Note: I believe Quanta is now making it...
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    Micron 9200 MAX 1.6TB $125 each

    And now my wallet is a lot lighter... :-(
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    Samsung - 980 PRO 1TB PCIE 4.0 x4 NVMe Gen4 $53 (possible scam)

    Let me start by apologizing - I didn't mean to state anything about anyone in particular but about the situation in general. To your point about the only one losing anything being the seller - you are assuming the seller isn't smart enough to build up their reputation in eBay and PayPal ahead...
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    Samsung - 980 PRO 1TB PCIE 4.0 x4 NVMe Gen4 $53 (possible scam)

    You do realize you're still paying for it, right? Every time one of these scams work, someone gets stuck with the loss - eBay, PayPal or your CC provider. What do they do? Simply accept lower profits? Why do that if you can just raise your transaction fees accordingly to adjust for the...
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    Intel Xeon E5-2695 V4 - $219 ($200 BO)

    Thanks for sharing this. I put in an offer for 2 @ 183, seller countered with 195. I'd try 190 if anyone else is interested.
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    Dual Xeon-D

    I do hope I'm wrong, but I believe you ordered the BGA chip at the heart of the Asrock m.2 vga board - you can't just plug it into an m.2 connector...
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    US MELLANOX SX6036 - $200

    I'd buy at that price if I hadn't already bought one a year back... The 6012 is still cheaper and lower-power if you only need 12 ports, but 36x 40/56 gbps ports (or more 10gbps ports if you use a breakout) would be more than most home-labs would ever really need.
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    Ruckus R610 Great deal 3x3 radio 802.11ac Wave 2 $99 each .

    Thanks for posting this! In for a couple :-) Anyone know how many SSIDs are supported on a single AP with Unleashed?
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    EXPIRED Mellanox InfiniBand SX6018 - Switch - EMC only - $300 OBO

    Just going to say that if you don't mind a bit of work, you should be able to open up the PSUs and fan modules and flip the fans around so the airflow is reversed without buying another unit.
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    Oracle F640 6.4TB: need firmware and instruction how to flash

    @AskFor, any chance you managed to hunt the FW down? I'm in a similar position myself...
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    Cheapest 100Gbe switches - EdgeCore 7512-32X ~ $324

    This is a classic case of "I want it, but I really don't need it...". Really wish I could justify it.
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    Lenovo M90n $399

    Very cool unit! I do worry the 15w TDP is going to be a limiting factor, but time will tell.
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    Dual Xeon-D

    So, I got one board that's in good condition and one that won't boot. Both nodes on the bad board hang are stuck showing "3" with all NIC LEDs turned on. Fans do spin. Here's what I tried so far: Both boards are hw revision 1.03 and came with "L0.16" bios stickers. The good board seems to work...
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    eBay - Intel Xeon E5-2680V4 - $168

    As long as you get the exact same model and stepping and you should be fine. Some people even have success matching compatible but different-model CPUs across sockets...
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    [Maybe a deal?] $350 for HGST FLASHMAX II VIR-M2-LP-4800-2B 4.8TB PCI-E SSD Flash Drive

    Isn't that true for all enterprise SSDs though? In my experience, most enterprise gear (from CPUs to memory to disks/SSDs and HBAs and NICs) uses more power and requires better cooling than consumer hardware...
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    eBay - Intel Xeon E5-2680V4 - $168

    I believe you would also lose the ability to use the all core turbo trick with v4, so v3 might still be on par or better on most metrics (aside from power usage of course...)