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  1. Connorise

    Mellanox ConnectX-3 VPI RDMA extremely intermittent connection and drops on both ethernet and Infiniband

    Another heavy plus for drivers and firmware. Many times, things do not work quite right because of drivers/firmware. MTU settings or misalignment might also be the key. Speaking of RDMA, StarWind NVMe-oF, if I remember it right, works over TCP. Give it a try. Finally, consider reaching out to...
  2. Connorise

    Software SAN vs M3600i

    Yes, the support is just great.
  3. Connorise

    Storage Spaces Direct poor write performance -- drives claim to have PLP

    Speaking of file copying, I ran into an article Slow SMB files transfer speed. Try using robocopy. You could try tweaking FirstBurstLenght value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e97b-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\000X\Parameters (i.e., aligning it with...
  4. Connorise

    Temporary File Sharing

    Google Drive should make it. For TB-scale cloud storage, I'd rather be looking for Backblaze, maybe. Check these posts out:
  5. Connorise

    Proxmox homelab advice requested - low power usage, mid performance - Which TinyMiniMicro?

    I am using 2x Supermicro E300. They are tiny servers and give zero to no noise. It is ideal if you need a tiny lab you can pack in a 40L backpack. There is no room inside for storage though.
  6. Connorise

    Backup software that supports backup to tape

    I had a really strange issue with Acronis CyberProtect in three or four systems I was looking after. It appeared to be clashing with Failover Clustering drivers and causing me real trouble transferring the CSV ownership. CSV just failed to move, leading the VMs down. There was an easy fix...
  7. Connorise

    FreeNas/TrueNas RDMA Support (FR for voting)

    iSER is a dead-end. Even if the target is added, there are still issues with iSER Initiators. Most of the vendors just simply switched to NVMe-oF things and as far as I can see, there are no plans to continue to evolve iSER at all.
  8. Connorise

    Software SAN vs M3600i

    With a single SAN, which even could be backed up by two controllers, and two network cards, you are still building an inverted pyramid of doom, and you are relying all your storage subsystems on a single piece of hardware, and it is a very fragile architecture. The first option with two nodes...
  9. Connorise

    Backup software that supports backup to tape

    Take a look at something like Nakivo and ArcServe
  10. Connorise

    What is the best option for creating a NFS for my entire network from ESXi 8?

    I would only add that both UnRAID and TrueNAS rely on their embedded RAID mechanisms (like ZFS). They do require direct disk access in order to operate with them. But nothing really stops you from deploying a pure Debian/Ubuntu VM on the SSD array and passing either RDM or large VMDK (thick...
  11. Connorise

    Dell R730 - WS 2019 - Hyper-V > Slow Guest VM BOOT

    Did you try to change VM parameters? Like set static memory, change vCPU core count to see if it differs? It may also be related to the idle power state in the processor. You can try to check this fix - Fix: Hyper-V virtual machine slow startup.
  12. Connorise

    No idle disks with Intel raid on Windows?

    As far as I know, Intel RST doesn't properly operate with sleep mode with HDDs. Maybe, it is related to RAID-0, since data is striped across all drives and the array is forced to keep them always online. According to this thread on the Intel community forum, this feature is broken, and only very...
  13. Connorise

    How exactly do you set up Storage Tiering with parity on the HDDs?

    Please note that Mirror-Accelerated Parity configuration is only officially supported in S2D setup, not in standalone storage spaces. While it can technically be assembled that way, Microsoft officially does not support it, and it was developed for S2D. That being said, ensure you have a good...
  14. Connorise

    VM Host - Build Recommendations

    Take 1U refurb SuperMicro or Dell. SM has pure single socket systems with wide options for networking that built-in in chassis as well as you may use any RAID controller, memory and disks that not really certified with the server but still will work with 99% sure. But Dell is very cool with...
  15. Connorise

    Home Lab and Router build

    I would go with any l2/l3 switch. It might be either manageable or not manageable. As per the server chassis, you can take a look at small SuperMicro chassis or Intel NUC servers if you are looking for small servers or buy a full-width rack/tower servers, here is the article of the choosing...
  16. Connorise

    Supermicro M11SDV Epyc 3000 boards for small, quiet home server

    As for SSDs for OS, I would recommend taking a look into servers where SATADOM option is available. It saves a few $ and if you want additional redundancy you can always take a look at BOSS cards (they will be raided in R1)
  17. Connorise

    Best Disk Refresh Strategy for My Windows File Server

    Just saying that you shouldn't go with R5 for big HDDs rebuild will kill you, eventually.
  18. Connorise

    vSAN ESXi, StarWind, or Dell EMC software solutions

    >We have traditionally worked off of one physical server for up to 50 clients at a time playing back HD, and about 10 to 20 clients playing back UHD and 4K. I would recommend starting with the solid plan in terms of redundancy. Are you willing to have one storage object in your infrastructure...
  19. Connorise

    Storage spaces mirror fault tolerance vs raid 10

    >My thought had been that this would provide fault tolerance comparable to RAID 10 ... worst case tolerating 1 failure, best case tolerating 4 failures. But in doing more reading it seems that no matter how many columns, mirrored storage spaces won't tolerate more than one drive failure. Not...
  20. Connorise

    Does an LSI OEM SAS2308 9217-8i support a 10Tb HDD ?

    "I can't tell you how often I still hear negative stories about Seagate HDDs" That's so true. To add to the topic, yes 10Tbs should be supported without issues.