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    FS [US-TN]: TMM nodes, SFF Xeon-D NAS Server

    Hey Joel, the pony express finally made it here...the drives survived the journey! Thanks again for the fast turnaround! :)
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    Netapp FAS3250 hacking (Unraid installed)

    I have absolutely zero use for one of these, but I admire your curiosity and persistence :D
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    FS [US-TN]: TMM nodes, SFF Xeon-D NAS Server

    Cheers Joel, very fast shipping! GLWS!
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    FS [US-TN]: TMM nodes, SFF Xeon-D NAS Server

    Hey, what is the health on the 600GB S3500's? I'll grab both, if the health is decent and you don't mind shipping to me in Canada?
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    (NO LONGER LOOKING) Looking for Canada reshipping help

    Yea, I hear ya. The postal service here is, I've found anyway, decent, but it costs $$. Hit me up if you change your mind :)
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    (NO LONGER LOOKING) Looking for Canada reshipping help

    If you're stuck, I could re-ship it to you :)
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    Trying to get some 10TB drives working with a SAS card...

    It could be that the disks are vendor locked to Dell, or it could be your cable. You already proved both card and disks are working in the T420 :)
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    SC846 system gifted to me - A full overview with questions. Replacing DVD drive with SSDs? Ideas for upgrades or keep what I got?

    I don't use TrueNas, so have limited exposure, but at a guess it's probably used for caching :)
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    Inspur-branded LSI9300-8i for $50

    I tested my cards in a dell SFF-7050 with an i5 chip installed that I had conveniently laying beside my desk, so nothing fancy as far as the Mainboard goes. They were updated and now running on SuperMicro boards without trouble. Besides testing in a different mainboard, try removing all other...
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    From thought to hardware: How do you did it?

    I guess I started with how much storage I was likely to need, then doubled that figure. I also had a fairly good idea of what I would be doing with it, besides the general home network type stuff, so picked components accordingly. To that end, I looked for a good quality chassis that I knew...
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    Extremely slow DHCP leases

    Back to reading the manual...look for how to enter a port range in commands :) I believe this is supported from ver 10.3 onwards...
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    Inspur-branded LSI9300-8i for $50

    You might be lucky and it's perhaps just the SMBus getting in the way of the card initialising, try taping off the pins or find a different Mainboard to test them with. Failing that, I would return them as duff :)
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    Noob Networking- How do I split up my home network? Hardware, Software?

    I have no idea how network savvy you are, but if you are, then I apologise now if this seems like I'm trying to teach an old dog new tricks. However, purely based on your post, I'm going with you have some blanks that need filled in, as to how network segmentation works, so bear with me...
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    12TB 3yr warranty refurbed Seagate for $6.83/TB shipped

    I did at one time buy 8 x 3TB HGST disks from GHD, through NewEgg I believe. Out of those disks, 4 failed smart tests within 6 months with a further 3 failing smart tests after 9-10 months. 1 survived for around 18 months before failing smart tests. The disks got me going with my server build at...
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    Supermicro X13SAN-H Review HDD Sized PC Industrial Motherboard

    Great review @Patrick I could definitely see me using these little systems for stuff, plus it's from Supermicro, so you know it's going to be reliable in remote locations. It just blows my mind how far things have come from the days of the Commodore Pet that I started out on :)
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    ESXi free 8.0 seems to be the last one !

    Oh I think it's safe to assume that they are looking at how to chop that tentacle off as well... I had already made my mind up to transition to Proxmox when they began ripping out the linux driver support, the only question was when, which I think has now been answered, to the lifeboats gentlemen :)
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    Adding Storage to Server

    There are many flavours of storage schemes out there, including RAID, all have their upsides and downsides. No matter what you use, you will have to take into account the formatted capacity of your devices, plus whatever overhead your chosen schema will require. For example 8 x 10TB disks will...
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    Inspur-branded LSI9300-8i for $50

    I updated mine, without trouble, using the EFI shell on a Supermicro board. Quick and painless :)
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    2 sets of Ears for SUA2200RMI2U

    I could be wrong, so double check before ordering, but I believe the part number you are looking for is 870-16250 for the ears and SU032A for the rails if you go that route :)