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    Safe to flash Supermicro SAS3 Backplane Firmware?

    I've also bricked supermicro backplane after flashing in the past,... if you insist to try flashing, you should open a ticket with supermicro and ask for guidance.
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    Mokerlink 10G080GS 8-port SFP+ unmanaged switch, anyone seen/have this?

    I got this switch and I was actually surprised at all the features the switch has... I only tested L2 and jumbo frame and other basic stuff like SNMP and they worked great. I would recommend it if you guys are looking to get a cheap managed 10gb switch.
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    DDR3 DDR4 RAM price trends thread.

    Hey guys, I am in need for a few more DDR4 dimm 64Gb 2Rx4 PC4--2933, and curious what is the market pricing for these ?? A while back I got some for around $60ish if I recalled correctly, but I was surprised that ebay used pricing is over $100 these days. Was there any recent increases in DDR4...
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    100GBASE-SR1 1x100Gb lane exist?

    i think if you search for coherent optics you can find single lamda optics from 100Gbps to 400Gbps maybe up to 800Gbps these days.
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    Are the APC SMT2200 tower UPS units noisy?

    oops my fault, I should've checked before posting.. Unfortunately I don't have much info on APC non online versions.
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    Are the APC SMT2200 tower UPS units noisy?

    I think most online UPS will have active fan when its on utility regardless of the form factor.
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    Cachecade Pro 2.0, still worth using in 2023?

    Back when I was using LSI card for my storage server, using cachecade to front end the spinners does help performance quite abit, especially when compared to no ssd cache at all.. I'd say give it a try and see if it meet your expectation.
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    Getting highest sustained write by using gen4 into a gen3 system ?

    If you want to maintain sustain write throughput, you want to use an enterprise class SSD. Most consumer SSD only allow momentary burst of speed until its SLC cache is exhausted then the speed would drop by a big margins... Some lower end SSD would even slow to a crawl once the cache is full...
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    EPYC Rome VS EPYC Milan for Vmware Question

    I wanted to refresh my home lab servers from current E5-2680v2 to an EPYC based servers that can run Vsphere 7 or later. My questions is, how much difference in performance do Milan have VS Rome when it is used mainly for ESXi Virtualization ? How about power consumptions of the 2 different...
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    Oracle F320 (MS1PC2DD3ORA3.2T) Critical Warning on SMART?

    I have bunch of these same drives in various servers deployment, all of them still working fine even ones with more usage when compared to yours. I think these drives are a great combination of price, performance and durability. Can you clarify what is throwing the error ?? Motherboard bios ...
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    Cisco n3k too loud, silent alternatives

    Most Datacenter grade switches that I've worked with from both Cisco/Juniper are usually fairly loud (if you put it on a desk next to you) I am thinking you might want to check out small business switches from dell, netgear, ubiquity and other similar vendors as those products often time are...
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    Need help to "hack" these drives

    I've had no luck on converting vendor locked firmware with publicly available firmware from the same manufacture for the same part#. This applies to both spinners, ssd, nvme, basically all form factors, and all type of interfaces from sata/sas/nvme. If you are lucky you might be able to get the...
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    Issues with DELL SM1715 Change block size

    @111alan Just curious what were your plan if you have a backplane ??
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    Issues with DELL SM1715 Change block size

    Hi all, Recently I've been converting all nvme to 4K logical sector size prior to putting them into use. Unfortunately a few days ago when I tried to convert the sector size on a Dell brand Samsung SM1715 NVME things didn't go as smoothly as my other nvme. Below are the lbaf options when you...
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    LSI 9300-8i Will not show any Disks connected with direct connect cable

    Do you happened to have another cable to try ?? some time cable can be bad too, in fact I have dumped a few cables because one of the breakout cables (facing the disk) just does not work.
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    Optane P4800X 1.5TB - $629 - 0 hours

    @ano did you ever figure out how to dual path nvme on a regular pc ?
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    Truenas Home Share with AD users

    The way I did it on my setup is to create the SMB share as shown in my previous post, then connect to it using the domain admin account which have full file system access via "run" and type " \\truenas\smbshare ". After connecting you can build the folder structure using windows file explorer...
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    Truenas Home Share with AD users

    that is neat, I didn't know you can actually connect to the truenas box via "computer management"
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    Truenas Home Share with AD users

    @kaastrup Here's how I setup my truenas for AD users share folders; 1. Add the truenas server as AD member servers. 2. On your SMB share ACL, assign full permission for everyone 3. On your SMB file system ACL add a new ACL to give your domain administrator full access. once the above steps are...
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    ZFS Best Practices Questions

    Interesting I never knew sata based array with expander can have issues with "single bad disks that may block the whole system". Luckily so far I have not experienced this, knock on wood hopefully its not going to happen anytime soon. Anyway thanks for the advice.