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    Malicious ads or redirects?

    Confirmed, also getting redirected to full page ad sites on mobile. Someone's getting hijacked.
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    VM Host/NAS Upgrade

    Happen to have any searchable details or a link? Very motivated to discourage myself from the project, the case is sharp in all of the worst ways and I'd rather avoid a potential amputation if there might be considerable lingering issues with the build after it's done.
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    VM Host/NAS Upgrade

    Build’s Name: Operation: Entirely Sensible Operating System/ Storage Platform: VMware vSphere 7 CPU: AMD EPYC 7573X or 7473X (if we can even source one of these) Motherboard: ASRock Rack ROMED6U-2L2T Chassis: U-NAS NCS-810A Drives: 5x WD Gold 18TB, 3x WD Gold 20TB, 1x Micron 1100 SATA SSD...
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    PA-850 images

    Not sure if it's kosher to ask for this sort of thing here but... <Sob story> I bought a Palo Alto PA-850 lab unit for my home lab about a year ago. Running it at home primarily for educational purposes (and because consumer grade gear is generally trash). Bought support and everything for it...
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    Redundant Switchless Network

    Could use a Rockport SHFL and any 4 channel optics (100gbit @ 4x 25gbit links... 400gbit @ 4x 100gbit links) and give yourself room to grow. Not sure on the cost of the SHLF though. *Correction: you have to use their special NICs because they have MPO24 connections. Ignore me...
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    Nvidia Quietly Discontinues Spectrum Switches?

    The spreadsheet at the end of the page is an archive. Right above that, they say that they only send EoL notices to relevant customers.
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    Nvidia Quietly Discontinues Spectrum Switches?

    It's all in the title. Was cleaning out my browser tabs today and noticed the SN2100 I've been trying to save up for was discontinued according to CDW. Upon further inspection, seems to be the case for all series 2000 and 3000 switches (didn't bother checking the spectrum 4 switches), at a...