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    Supermicro SC848 Fan mod

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    Supermicro SC848 Fan mod

    I'm finishing my 848 build out. Currently have 4 E5-4650 v2 CPU and 256GB of RAM. I have swapped out the PS for SQ, but the fans are still pretty loud. Still working on the drives, but will probably start with (8) 2TB SATA SSD and (8) 14TB SATA HDD. In the front there are four (FAN-0115L4)...
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    CPU & Memory options for X9QRi-F+

    I was able to reset the BMC and validate that the BIOS is at 3.0a. No need to drill holes...Just add bracket (MCP-220-00044-0N) to the peripheral drawer. Do you know if this will run with dual proc's in #1 and #4 or do I need to buy 4 procs at once?
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    CPU & Memory options for X9QRi-F+

    After reading through the manual, I need further clarification. Currently there is are no CPUs or memory installed. CPU The manual states: To fully utilize all functionality and features offered by this quad motherboard, be sure to install four CPUs on the motherboard. Without four CPUs...
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    CPU & Memory options for X9QRi-F+

    I picked up a X9QRi-F+ and need some 'technical' options for CPU and memory to build this out (storage server and running VMs). Supermicro 4U 848A-R1K62B / X9QRI-F+ / Barebone Server / 24x Trays / Rails | eBay I have never built out a multi-processor system from scratch. The concerns I have...
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    Supermicro 4U 848A-R1K62B / X9QRI-F+ / Barebone Server / 24x Trays / Rails $399

    Supermicro 4U 848A-R1K62B / X9QRI-F+ / Barebone Server / 24x Trays / Rails | eBay Just picked one up for $399 + shipping. 2 left
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    ZFS checksum error (on scrub) – how do I see affected files?

    This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. It turned out to be a bad dimm.
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    Mellanox MCX311A-XCAT 10 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Adapter Card ConnectX-3 CX311A $12 obo + $15 Shipping

    Can someone recommend an inexpensive compatible RJ45 Copper Transceiver for this card?
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I'm a 10Gb newbie...started reading this thread and couldn't resist. I picked up a ICX7250-48 on ebay today. I started to build my console cable and excited to get playing.
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    What is actually supplied in a SuperMicro chasis?

    Are there SM SAS2 direct attached backplanes (to support HDD >2TB) Or will the BPN-SAS-846A support HDD >2TB using M1015 in IT mode? I have an 8 year old Norco 4220 that is at full capacity. Running OmniOS/Napp-IT (AIO) with HGST 2TB drive & m1015 HBAs & SM mb. I wish to build a similar box...
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    Help! OmniOS Major Severity Error!

    @gea I am confused about your seems contradictary.. "You can and should -" .. "but you must not"
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    M1015 UEFI flash help

    I have two M1015 cards flashed with P15 in IT mode running in a X9SCL-F MB. When I originally flashed these years ago I did so using dos in a different MB. I want to upgrade these to P19, still using IT mode and with the OptionsROM. 1. Can I use UEFI to update both cards (individually)...
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    Hitachi Harddisks Thread (5K3000, 7K3000, 7K2000)

    Thank you. I currently have 580 on all of my 0F12117 drives. Can they be directly upgraded to A10? or do they have to be incrementally patched? I have a ZFS RAIDZ2 pool running on a M1015 controller. One of the drives has faulted. I took the drive out and ran DFT on it and there were no errors...
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    Hitachi Harddisks Thread (5K3000, 7K3000, 7K2000)

    Kryptex would you please repost? Link is dead.
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    Repeating errors in napp-it error log

    @gea: I am also using oi_151a with napp-it 0.500s (english), and receiving the same error: Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /usr/perl5/5.10.0/lib/i86pc-solaris-64int/ line 226. Any suggestions how to resolve?
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    Norco vs. other solutions

    Thanks Patrick. Do you have any recommendations for a fan controller that would be used for my config? Apnar, you are correct, I meant the M1015. I will take a look at the Supermicro cables
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    Norco vs. other solutions

    This is my first build of this type of complexity, so call me a noob. I have been working on the specs for my All-in-One storage server and although the Norco 4220 is overkill for me at the moment (initially using 6-8 drives for data - RAIDZ), it does give me future expandability and the overall...