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    $13/TB Sata Recertified Drives

    I'm in Aus, I would check out their postage costs to your location. I purchased 3x 16TB Exos X18 drives at US$199 each (they are out of stock now), was $93 for shipping. Even with Amex taking a cut on the exchange rate it came out to ~AUD$1100, which for 48TB of raw space is soooo much cheaper...
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    SOLD X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD + 2x E5-2640 v2

    Aww man. You leave the forums for 24hrs and miss things like this. Ha. I saw your other post, but it was a bit too much for me (the $415 one). I'd like to put my hand up for backup if Prof_G falls through. I'm in Aus though, so understand if you don't want to deal with the international postage.
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    $79.75: 960GB Micron 5100 Pro

    I'm in for 3 of these. US$11.27 shipping (with a further US$1.28 discount for some reason) to Australia. Had to pay GST though (US$24.33). all up US$267.60 shipped and taxed. Shipped 6 days ago so hopefully arrive this week. though tracking says its still in the US.
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    SM 835 chassis $100 + shipping

    Ahhhhhh. thank you.
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    SM 835 chassis $100 + shipping

    How do you know it comes with SQ power supplies? I can’t see that anywhere.
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    STH Aeon Mining Pool Beta Access

    Hi Patrick, Looking to try my hand at mining. would love the invite please. Cheers, Ryan
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    Looking at X8 based Fat Twin, Options/Questions inside

    Wow wasn't expecting such a response, let alone so quickly. Thanks guys. ttabbal - Yeah the new boards would have to be fat twin boards, I wasn't sure if the backplane was compatible from one generation to the next (x8, x9, x10,...) which I guess is the crux of me looking at this chassis. If I...
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    Looking at X8 based Fat Twin, Options/Questions inside

    Hi Everyone, Long time lurker, very occasional poster :), I have a bunch of questions, I have looked for the answers but can't seem to find them. Pretense: So I was browsing ebay from some hot deal and up pops a supermicro fat twin, digging a little deep there are some ranging from $99 no...
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    AU 2x E3800-48G-4SFP+ [Auction]

    Hi Everyone, Not sure if these are a good deal and it is an auction so may end up being expensive but us Aussies' don't get much love. Currently going for 30 and 11 (beware postage and buyers premium.) HP E3800 48 Port Gigabit & PoE Layer 3 Ethernet Switch | HP E3800 48 Port...
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    Western Digital 8 TB Helium WD80EZZX 5400PM- 219.88

    Thanks guys, hmmmm, hope they will still have warranty then. Oh well. Much cheaper than anything like it in Aus. Best for an 8TB is about AUD$470 (WD Blue). where as these cost AUD$320 including shipping. I must admit had to go and look up what TLER was. Acording to: Should You Use TLER Drives...
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    Western Digital 8 TB Helium WD80EZZX 5400PM- 219.88

    Hi Everyone, First time poster... been lurking for about 6 months now. I've purchased 2 of these. For anyone from Aus it was ~USD$50 to have them posted to Aus. Given these are supposed to be NEW, what should I be looking for? Any way to tell that they may have had their smart data wiped?