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    Firmware update for HPE LTO-7 drive.

    Hello, all. Posting here since I did not find a separate category for LTO drive, but they are distantly related to HDD's so I hope this is ok. I have an HPE LTO-7 tape drive and I am trying to update firmware on the drive. Since I have HPE warranty on my servers I thought that this will take...
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    FS US-CA 2x HP EliteDesk 800 G5 SFF i5-9500 3.0GHz 16GB RAM 512GB NVME

    For sale refurbished HP EliteDesk 800 G5.512Gb NVME m2 drive. There is space for one more NVME drive on the motherboard.No CD drive. Power cord, keyboard and mouse included. Windows 10 Pro.Under HP warranty until December 2022. $550 shipped continental usa Timestamp
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    1U, 2x E5 V1/V2, SAS1, 10x SFF - WIWYNN LYRA-M SV315 ~$100 w/free shipping

    I think they are SAS2. I am using Fujitsu D3307-A12 controller with SFF8643-to-SFF8087 cables. Cannot measure noise level, since the server is in the server room with plenty other servers. Next to my desk it was pretty noisy. I did not find any ways to control fans speed through IPMI. RMM key...
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    1U, 2x E5 V1/V2, SAS1, 10x SFF - WIWYNN LYRA-M SV315 ~$100 w/free shipping

    Yes, 2 full-size cards will fit. I have 10gb and SAS cards in the server. For remote access you have to purchase a RMM key module, otherwite there is no remote KVM. Motherboard is Intel S2600GL. 8sff drives are connected to the backplane with 2 connectors. 2 drives on the right have SATA cables...