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    EXPIRED WD DC HC520 12TB $75

    Biggest difference is shipping which is $12 each now, last time was $6.24 each (+$14 ea total).
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    EXPIRED WD DC HC520 12TB $75

    My two were shipped with multiple layers of wrap and are still surviving the badblocks test. Since there is no deal for bulk shipping the best way is to order smaller lots (would help with returns also).
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    EXPIRED WD DC HC520 12TB $75

    Warranty info from WD: No Limited Warranty, LHC Drive ASM 12.0TB, 4Kn, SAS P3_PWDIS_Support, Cisco, TCG + FIPS. I received two and agree that they are nearly new.
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    Multi-NVMe (m.2, u.2) adapters that do not require bifurcation

    Does anyone know if Ceacent stopped production of their ANU24PE08 card? Their store states that it's no longer available. Or does it come in and out of stock?
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    Broadcom 9400 - Can't get it to see NVMe drives on a backplane

    Also an owner of a BPN-SAS3-826EL1-N4. With a basic plx switch card, any regular SFF-8643 will work *depending on length*. The overall length of the system threw me for a bit and required most testing. I almost wish the nvme slots were flipped to the other side of the backplane such that it's...
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    14 TB SAS HDD *NEW* $135

    Is 520 byte sectors that bad for plain backups or is 512 superior?
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    Protecting empty LGA3647 socket with a heat sink instead of plastic cover

    Has anyone used a heat sink instead of the black plastic socket cover to protect an empty 3647 socket on a powered board? I have a dual socket SM motherboard and are only interested in running cpu1 for now until prices drop on higher-end chips. My question is can one protect the empty 3647...
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    SM CSE 826 sweet deal

    Did you use the super.rom USB method? Just got a board myself and trying to plan ahead.
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    $144 X10SRM-TF with CSE-813

    Any best offer insights?
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    SM CSE 826 sweet deal

    I received the same offer from them.
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    SM CSE 826 sweet deal

    Any recent orders for this case? Just curious if they are shipping a WIO case (what is listed in the description) versus what is pictured? I asked them (out of curiosity) and they said that it's a SAS2 backplane with no 3.5" caddies.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Ignore what I said above. You are correct based on this and this post to only need a single license to have all four ports 10G on a ICX6450. To be fully licensed one would just need to add a ICX6450-PREM-LIC-SW license for advanced L3 features. However, I am curious why there would be a second...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I just picked up the same one as you with the same output. I believe you will need a second license based on this example as a fully licensed 6450.