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    DIY NAS feedback and tips

    I have had great luck with XigmaNAS; a hardware agnostic BSD based ZFS file system. My DIYs are mostly i5 based. also 1 ea atom, celeron, and i3. like all DIY things it is very easy the second time. it is the most direct fork of the original FreeNAS later NAS4Free. lots of features. stable and...
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    Cheap chinese x79 mobos

    twice I have bought name brand + i5 + 8Gb ram from Chinese recycling yards very cheap. both are still running XigmaNAS CAVEAT EMPTOR, YMMV
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    Running from DC (48V up to 60V), pico-psu (DC-ATX) considerations, alternatives.

    Power quit during a storm 3 days ago. Double conversion [AC-DC-AC] 1KW Liebert UPS [purchased used] held just fine while I hooked up the [large barely portable] generator. Cable/internet went out with the power for 9 hours. The AC-DC-AC held through the 2 second brown outs when the 5 ton cooling...
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    yes and I used a perforated metal screen in the 3 " opening of the 5/3 bay adapter to bring in air around the second drive with the bottom of the bay adapter being mostly open the SSD below it gets air flow too since mine are used for storage/back-up I spin the drives down after 30 minutes of...
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    I have several, 3 of which are built on a slightly larger HP i5 platform just right for a 3Tb mirror and a small SSD for the XigmaNAS OS and Swap file. two of the 3 have a photo attached. the traditional drive position for one of the 3 TB, a 5 to 3 inch bay adapter for the other that with a...
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    Is anyone else getting stir crazy?

    I retired 27 years ago and have been on a plane 2x since then. it was enough then and I hear it is worse now. a fellow senior to me in our industry is still working/ traveling and enjoys it. but a bit stir crazy
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    newbie intro

    Digital Video Broadcast - Terrestrial [also -Sat, -Cable] Euro standard stuff but can run in a narrower band width in the 70 cm band. 4 MHz wide will allow a good 1080p-30, digital stereo sound and embedded call sign, etc. of course the servers are a great place for all those home movies...
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    newbie intro

    others have been there and done that current projects include DVB-T Amateur TV
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    newbie intro

    you are right, 2005, 15 not 25 I thought it was around the time I retired but it was maybe 10 years later. blame it on geriatric math
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    Why don’t Dell or HPE have AMD tower server options ?

    to get steep Intel discounts one must be exclusive I have herd. or may be it was microsoft
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    newbie intro

    my name is Armand and I have several small home built servers, preferring many baskets for the data eggs. current hardware is desktop, used/salvaged/or refurb with new HDDs one i3, four are i5 I use XigmaNAS [FKA NAS4Free, FKA freenas-7 fork] and ZFS as it is way hard for me to loose the data...