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    EXPIRED All Gone for Now — HP SB t740 Thin Client Ryzen V1756B 8GB RAM 64GB

    Is there a (US based) long time member of this board that would forward one of those to Germany (I would pay for all expenses upfront). Still not sure if I want to pull the trigger on one of those
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    Is ESXi 7.0 still working with Nvidia Grid K2 ?

    Hey everyone, I could snatch a Grid K2 for a few bucks. I have no real "usecase" other than playing arround. Is there anybody on this Forum that could give a hint whether the Grid K2 would still work on ESXi 7.0? It is no longer on the HCL and I think there was no Driver for 6.7 because the EOL...
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    EU WTT: Synology RS3617xs (10g)+ RX217

    nooooooooooo why did I miss this :-(((
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    Help needed: Controller impending failure data error S.M.A.R.T. error on HGST 800 GB SAS3 SSD

    Hello everyone, yesterday I received a HGST 800GB SAS3 SSD ( HUSMM8080ASS200 ) used from eBay. HGST 800 GB SSD Festplatte 2.5 Zoll SAS HUSMM8080ASS200 P/N 0B28589 | eBay It went into my FreeNAS Box and instantly an error showed. Specs of the FreeNAS box: Supermirco X10-SRi-F, Avago...
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    (solved) NVMe U.2 to PCI-E Adapter card?

    @mwolf Thank you very much! I will buy one of those :-) @ullbeking That is really a great card and I will keep it in mind for sure. Right now it seems a bit overkill as I never used NVMe yet and my board has 6 PCIe Slots of which four are unused
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    (solved) NVMe U.2 to PCI-E Adapter card?

    Hey there, I am looking for an SLOG Drive for my FreeNAS build. I was trying to buy a Intel DC P3700 PCI-E, but there are none that are decently priced on Ebay... I stumbled across those drives: Intel SSD DC P3600 800GB NVMe U.2 SSDPE2ME800G4- SSD - 800GB - intern - 6,4 cm | eBay but tbh: I...
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    Inter-Tech - 4u-4408 - enough airflow over discs?

    I would agree with you there... If you put those 80mms below the drives it wont move any (much) air over the disks. Perhaps you could built a airshroud to funnel the airflow over the disks. Any chance to turn the front bezel upside down, so you have those disks at the bottom? I don't really...
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    Looking for VPS or dedicated Server with near perfect latency to Phoenix (Arizona)

    Thank you again @Blinky 42 and @WANg for the great insights you provide. I am happy to learn and really appreciate your input and our conversation very much. There was a comment here about http/s and how it has issues with responsiveness. According to the official docs, all poloniex API calls...
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    Looking for VPS or dedicated Server with near perfect latency to Phoenix (Arizona)

    Thank you for your posting... Sorry if I am a bit slow in understanding... Still improving my language skills. When it comes to crypto trading there seems to be no datacenter like that. There is one provider in NY that is ridiculous expensive (I have just 1k USD to play with and the cost 1700 a...
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    Looking for VPS or dedicated Server with near perfect latency to Phoenix (Arizona)

    @Blinky 42 and all others that would like to chime in. May I kindly approach you with a few more questions? 1.) Just to clarify as my english is not that good: so, the goal is really to find a quick connection to cloudflare's CDN, as content is served from there, and the connection to...
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    Looking for VPS or dedicated Server with near perfect latency to Phoenix (Arizona)

    @Blinky 42 Thank you very much for the further explanation... I think I understood the Cloudflare part... Still that makes it kind of difficult to choose a location and then do the neccessary operations to evaluate if the location is performing better than the one I already use... I wont...
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    Looking for VPS or dedicated Server with near perfect latency to Phoenix (Arizona)

    @Blinky 42 sorry I am not a native english speaker: Do I understand you correct, that you habe a site in Canada (or the UK) that has a 0.162ms ping to Is that a ups / dedicated hosting company? Concerning the app connect and pretransfer timings: I have tried with a vps with...
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    Looking for VPS or dedicated Server with near perfect latency to Phoenix (Arizona)

    Hello there, I hope the forum section is about right. I am trying to find a vps / or dedicated server that has a very low latency to a server that I think is located in Phoenix, Arizona... ATM I use a Vultr VPS 1 Core 1GB Ram. Ubuntu. The ping from this vps to the server is...
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    D-Link DGS-1510-28X

    @Zankza @Patrick Could / Would you rename the Topic of this thread to "D-Link DGS-1510-28X" or something like that? With the Topic named "edited" it is hard to find and every once in a while someone might find this usefull. Regards Kris
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    ESXI 6.7 GPU PassThrough and "Expose hardware assisted virtualization to the guest OS" not working.

    @marv : well... that is strange... so isn't the possibility higher that I am doing something wrong? I was already believing that it is not possible, without understanding why it would not be possible. Perhaps someone else can chime in... Otherwise: I will try 6.5 U1 and post the results...
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    STH Aeon Mining Pool Beta Access

    Thank you @Patrick I will try to make my first steps into the cryto mining world with monero then...