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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    I also want to verify that the Finisar modules (FTLX8571D3BNL-E5) referenced by ViciousXUSMC work and connect to Mellanox connectx3 (MCX312A-XCBT i think) and the Chelsio T440 nics ( Havent done any...
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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    Thanks - that looks like a good price too. So I have a chelsio t440 quad port that im using twinax cable directly to a couple other servers and was hoping i can connect that to the s2500 but that wont work with existing cables - does anyone know if these finisar transceivers will be ok - i know...
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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    Looks like Im having the same issue and will have to get a few optic cables - so for the transceiver you listed I was going to get something like this (any reason not to get the OM4? - for what I need overall cost would only be a few $$): OM4 50/125 LC-LC Multimode Fiber Optic Cable Duplex 3m...
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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    I just received my S2500-48P - powered it on and after boot it is pretty quiet but does add some background noise. It uses about 65W at idle. I opened it up to see what kind of fans were stock - Delta FFB0412VHN - they max at 15K Rpm and use 1.92W vs the Noctua at 5K rpm and .6W. It looks...
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    Best value Intel daul SFP+ port NIC?

    anyone know about these SM NICs: SUPERMICRO AOC-STGN-I2S DUAL-PT 10GB ETHERNET these look like they are based on the Intel controller 82599ES but have no idea if or how the firmware affects overall use but have seen these on ebay for around $60 and was thinking about picking one up.
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    Toshiba Enterprise SSD refurb 960,400 and 200 TB

    I had one too that did that (but most likely I caused the corruption - I was running a local VM and I continually didnt do a graceful shutdown/disconnect and it finally gave me the finger) - i ran diskcheck and was lucky and it repaired about 95+% of it
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    Toshiba Enterprise SSD refurb 960,400 and 200 TB

    i got one of the 960s and 3 x 200s - the 960 was new enough (20TB lifetime writes - 3 days on time) and the 200s were like yours (2 with < 1G written and 1 with ~380TB lifetime writes via HD sentinel for 48 days on time but still shows > 3yrs life ) ------------------
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    HP p440ar restrictions

    I was asked about this and did some research and couldnt find anything but is there a limit to the number or type of raid groups on this card (other than the limit of drives)? The HP docs describe the raid types but nothing about the number of array groups (i didnt thing there was but couldnt...
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    USED HP midline 2TB SAS 7.2k drives

    saw this - is this a deal at $47 - I know they are plain used, etc. but any advantage to these vs the $30 Hitachi 2TB SATA drives: 649327-002 HP 2TB 6G SAS 7.2K rpm LFF (3.5-inch) Dual Port Midline HDD
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    Security audit software

    just a general question if anyone has used any software to do either self audits or audits for clients. something basic - password rules, firewall rules, OS patches, etc. new to this so not sure if Im asking the right question. Did a little research and know there is various sites out there...
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    Possible Cheap SuperMicro Rails

    I picked a pair and they are the RevB (has tabs) - fit my 846 and it pulls all the way out
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    Hard Disk Sentinel 5 Computer Family Pack $37 - Found a coupon site that works

    was going to check this out too but looks like the only way to pay is through mycommerce (even when using paypal) - googling indicates a bunch of bad reviews for mycommerce (digital river) - anyone have any bad experience with them?
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    Questions About Moving to 10gbe

    Was also looking at the chelsio s310e card - they say to only use chelsio transceivers/cables. . Anyone know if cisco sfp+ twinax are compatible? And is it ok to connect the mellanox directly to a chelsio card?
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    ConnectX-2 EN - dual port cards

    I decided to try the 10G upgrade for my home lab and snagged 2 too. Just got them and one was CX2 and one CX3. Will be setting them up this weekend hopefully.
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    LSI SAS 9265-8i 6Gb/s 1GB cache RAID 170$ !?!

    I had 5 identical model sata drives connected ----------------------
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    LSI SAS 9265-8i 6Gb/s 1GB cache RAID 170$ !?!

    Must be something about your card - I got mine and logged in with MR and raid 5 and 6 show up and when drives are available fastpath does too. Card seems pure LSI and I flashed with latest LSI fw without any issues. Cache shows up and has option to bypass BBU ------------------------------
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    LSI SAS 9265-8i 6Gb/s 1GB cache RAID 170$ !?!

    Long time lurker but I thought I would add to this as it caught my eye - I went to the Dell site and checked their firmware updates for this controller vs the LSI site - the last Dell firmware was on 8/12 - compared that to the same LSI update and they are the exact same ROM (basically they just...