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    Cheap/Ghetto remote managed PDU?

    I was going to say eBay, because I get them for nearly free there, but you let us know that US auctions don't work for you. How about Digital Loggers then? In the US you can get one for as low as $129. See: Web Power Switch 15 Day Free Trial! - Ships overnight.
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    GPUPI 1B and 32B world record using 10 P40 GPUs

    Very nice. Can you share a parts list? I have a quad GPU unit that is probably going to need to be upgraded fairly soon.
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    Package thief...scum of the earth!

    I feel your pain! I had the same thing happen to me: During the Christmas season two years ago, two girls on bicycles made a habit of stealing packages from homes in my neighborhood. In my case, they lifted an $800 I/O board from a very specialized server. My only consolation is knowing that...
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    Hot swap bay screws: I officially dislike them

    Absolutely agree. After all, those little SSD drives aren't going to vibrate themselves free are they, and they certainly don't weight enough to require being screwed down.
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    Wow talk about DIY...

    Ikea DIY run amok. That it comes from Russia says all - imagine how difficult it is to get your hands on Supermicro gear there. Thanks for posting.
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    Self-driving cars: July 2016 STH discussion

    I drive a sporty variety of car, which is an absolute blast the 5% of the time when I'm driving because I want to drive, but 95% of the time I'm just trying to get somewhere, and a self-driving car would make my life oh so much better. It would blend the calm and relaxed environment of nice...
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    Zabbix monitoring

    Zabbix graphing is really primitive. Check out Grafana when the built-in stuff gets too annoying for you. They have a pretty nice Zabbix plug-in.
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    Self-driving cars: July 2016 STH discussion

    I am not hoping... I am planning on buying a full level 4 autonomous car by 2020. I'm guessing it'll be race between Volvo, Mercedes, and Tesla to see who gets my money, depending on who has the technology.
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    Rewards Travel

    I'm not a big Hawaii fan (never feels exotic enough compared to say French Polynesia) but my favorite is Kauai for the hiking and kayaking. And I'm not above a zipline or two. The last time I was there we rented a primo four-bedroom house for two couples - nicer than almost all of the hotels and...
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    The majority of the stuff I order from eBay comes from either California or Texas

    OK it may be a bit of an exaggeration, and possibly hubris, or just trying to tease Texans a bit, but I say the Texas gear actually comes from California companies who are just hosting or recycling it in Texas...
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    Question for those who work in big data centers

    I bought them all with racks included. Man, I wish there were more racks available, because the servers still appear to be in good supply, but they are not useful to me without a way to stack them.
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    dell r910 barebone for 4 socket build, good or bad idea?

    Nice hardware if you need quad CPU, and combined with some ES CPUs from eBay, probably pretty cost efficient. That said, you can get almost as much grunt for most workloads from a pair of newer fast Xeon E5 CPUs but for less watts and with less noise. On balance, you'd go for the quad Xeon E7...
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    "Cheap" HP Moonshot with 128 nodes

    Anyone who got a fully loaded CS100 for $15K Canadian got one heck of a deal. Here is a quote from the 2013 release: "That solution, the Converged System 100 for Hosted Desktops, combines 45 ProLiant m700 server cartridges with integrated graphics prepackaged to run 180 hosted desktops. It has a...
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    "Cheap" HP Moonshot with 128 nodes

    They cancelled my order, saying that someone else bought it. To be clear: I bought it on eBay at midnight and they cancelled my order before I had time to enter payment info in the morning, even after I emailed them to say that I would enter payment in the morning . Talk about bad business...
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    I love USPS...:(

    Norfolk VA? Someone put it on the wrong truck!
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    "Cheap" HP Moonshot with 128 nodes

    Actually, that's because I ended up buying the $3K one on a whim. I always wanted to play with a Moonshot system, and I hope to make it cost effective by retiring about 30 smaller AWS instances used for development - those instances that everyone just can't do without but that sit around doing...
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    "Cheap" HP Moonshot with 128 nodes

    Not a great price. You can get a version of this with 15 cards (cartridges) for just $3-5K on eBay. Look for HP part number G3T52A or G3T51A, both of which include the chassis, power supplies, management card, dual network switches, dual uplink boards, and 15 M700 modules (60 tiny CPUs total)...
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    Question for those who work in big data centers

    Below, for example, is a pair of racks wired, in a hurry, by some of those software/computer people Patrick mentioned - which includes me. It's organized, but far from the lovely perfection you occasionally find in large-scale network wiring closets. Perhaps it's the fact that network wiring...