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    Can I combine 40G and 100G networking

    What brand and model is the 100g switch you have for sale ?
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    ICX6650 connecting ConnectX-3 and ConnectX-3 Pro with Mellanox DAC cables not working properly

    Did you ever find a DAC Cable that worked ? I am experiencing this same issue with my 6650 and would like to use DAC, but MPO fiber may just have to do as I really want 40Gb connectivity.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Hello, I am looking for some assistance with my Brocade ICX6650. I have followed the documentation on the first page from Fohdeesha in order to get the license and configuration done on the switch and I also purchased 3 of the 649281-B21 (originally HPE) cards and completed the firmware update...
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    Flashing stock Mellanox firmware to OEM (EMC) ConnectX-3 IB/Ethernet dual-port QSFP adapter

    I was hoping it was not the switch :confused: but I was leaning in that direction. I followed the setup and licensing from the Brocade God :D His postis what led me to want to get the brocade switch and spend the 500 bucks. I will head over there and see if anyone has any suggestions. I also...
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    Flashing stock Mellanox firmware to OEM (EMC) ConnectX-3 IB/Ethernet dual-port QSFP adapter

    Yes, I just connected my Server 2019 desktop test PC to my ESXi 7.03 server (Lenovo RD640) together and they are showing as link up, 40Gb/s. I tried all 3 cards and they are all working directly connected together.
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    Flashing stock Mellanox firmware to OEM (EMC) ConnectX-3 IB/Ethernet dual-port QSFP adapter

    Looking for some assistance here. I have the ICX6650 flashed with the newest firmware and licenses as per the instructions here: all the 10Gb ports appear to be working, the 2 10Gb...
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    Infiniband QDR/FDR 40Gb questions and help

    necr, Thank you for the response. So I have been messing around with all this in my spare time, I agree that I am probably just going to have to go with an ethernet switch and utilize the ports in the Mellanox cards with Ethernet only. The only reason I was running VMWare was for my cisco...
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    OpenSM for Windows on Connectx4+

    Just curious, is there a switch that you recommend ? I have seen the mention of the Brocade ICX and VDX units, I am planning on basically the same setup of ethernet, just curious on your opinion. Thank you.
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    4G Router

    I have a few recommendations. What connector is on the unit for the external antenna? are you trying to cover a specific area (directional) or a wide area all around the unit ?
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    Anyone using IB over ConnectX-3 w/ ESXi 7.0U1?

    AveryFreeman, I am attempting to do the same thing, picked up some connectX3 cards, installed them in my servers after flashing to the latest firmware. I do have a few questions....I am taking from your statement above that ESXi doesnt support Infiniband after about version 6.X, and I am...
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    Infiniband QDR/FDR 40Gb questions and help

    Ok, so I have Infiniband in my home lab..... yay ??? First time poster here, but I have tried to read everything I can. I have basic linux experience, but excellent windows/cisco/networking experience. I am looking for some assistance understanding what my next steps should be. This started...