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    ~50 USD Seagate 12TB Exos X14 SATA (Possible Scam)

    Even for re-certified, they are too cheap which is why I will check them out when they arrive and report back Could very well be the case. Good to point that out.
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    ~50 USD Seagate 12TB Exos X14 SATA (Possible Scam)

    Warning! This "deal" reeks of being some sort of scam! I will report back my findings when they arrive, but if you jump on this, do so under your own risk! First off, the drives are being sold as new for an extremely low price. They are listed as coming from China, but are being sold for...
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    Closed [W] [USA-PA] one or two 2tb sata HDD and 2x8gb DDR3 udimm for lga1150 xeom

    I have some 2tb Hitachi drives that I could sell you. I'm in MD so we could do an in person to avoid shipping as well. How's $30 each sound?
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    3.84 TB Micron 5300 MAX SATA SSD - $350

    This seller instantly accepted my offer for 1 of these at $350 so may even accept lower. Be advised that while the drive I received was essentially 100% write health (less than 30TB written while rated for 24PB) and about 4 months of power on hours, it did have 23 UDMA CRC errors that the seller...
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    No longer available

    I keep seeing you bump this, and every time I think to myself, "man I want one of those SSDs." But I just can't justify that price and don't want to insult you with the max amount I could afford to drop on one right now :(
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    $13/TB Sata Recertified Drives

    FYI, the prices on several of these have dropped even further. The recertified HGST 12 TB's dropped to $155 each and I think several of the other ones listed in the original post have dropped price as well
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    Amazon 12TB WD External $175

    Thanks for the heads up. Just grabbed 2 for myself. Out of stock for a couple weeks though so I won't get them until 3/16.
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    SAS Expander

    For anyone wondering, I ended up going with the Lenovo card. Plugged it in and it worked with no hassle alongside my LSI 9211-8i IT mode HBA.
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    SAS Expander

    Thanks for the response. I did see those when I was searching but thought they were limited to 3 Gbps SATA. Is that not the case with the updated firmware? I figured that would be a hardware limitation. As for updating them, as mentioned, I have the lsi 9211-8i card (have yet to check firmware...
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    SAS Expander

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of upgrading my server (mostly runs PLEX & additional related services). I just picked up an LSI 9211 8i HBA which is running the 8 drives I currently have perfectly. I have it all in a coolermaster trooper case and don't plan to replace it (so no backplane with...