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    [FS][US-CA] Clearing out new & used Supermicro 1U systems, ships worldwide

    I purchased a E3C246D4U2-2T, 64gb of ECC RAM, and a E-2144G from Zach as a combo on eBay after finding him here. It listed with 32gb of RAM and we worked out a deal to bump that up after I had purchased it. Packaging was immaculate and shipping was basically instant. I was waiting on a few other...
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    My first real homelab!

    Hello! I am Ryan. I have been enjoying Patrick's videos for some time now, just discovered today this forum exists. I found STH on YouTube as my needs started to outgrow my single NAS server and my burgeoning homelab began expanding. I'm moving soon and I'd like to take the opportunity to get...