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    Seeking guidance on modifying RoCEv2 code for continuous reception of UDP data packets from an FPGA over Ethernet

    Well, if you want help with code you can't share, it will be hard to help you. But, it seems that you are focusing on the wrong details. It does not matter if the packets come from an FPGA, as long as they are valid packets.
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    buying suggestions for DDR3 era workstations...

    About the Dell 5810: There are two different versions. One with a C610 chipset (V3 Xeons only). One with a C612 chipset (V3 and V4 Xeons). The Dell 7810 has the C612 chipset and supports V3 and V4 Xeons. The C612 chipset is the one used on the HP Z440, Z640, Z840 and Lenovo P410 machines...
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    Is there an efficient way to move data inside RAM to another RAM location in C++ or C#?

    First, be sure you REALLY want/need to move all those bytes. Why do you need to move all the bytes? Are you sure a buffer for RDMA sending must be allocated separately? Can't you send each "image chunk" without allocating any new memory? Can't you generate the image in a continuous RAM...
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    Lenovo M700/M900 BIOS mod to Coffee Lake CPUs

    If nothing is mentioned about Lenovo tinys I would not expect them to be supported... Lenovo tinys have a list of supported processors. Lenovo tinys also have a custom bios to support the "special" Lenovo features. Are you using the original Lenovo BIOS or a special BIOS supplied by the...
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    Lenovo M700/M900 BIOS mod to Coffee Lake CPUs

    If you have bought an E-2286M you should know that it comes with lots of warnings about the correct Motherboard and BIOS. Here is an example from Aliexpress: So I would not expect the modified BIOS the vendors provide to work in Lenovo Tiny, and there are some comments form buyers about a good...
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    Any drive-imaging system that allows easy access to image contents?

    Have you seen this?
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    Converting HP Z238 C236 mainboard for homelab use

    I think that the C236 chipset is not used on the HP ProDesk 600 G2 Small Form Factor, and is not used also on the 800 G2. One uses the Q150 (600) and the other (800) uses a Q170 chipset. Info: HP EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF –...
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    Converting HP Z238 C236 mainboard for homelab use

    Have considered something like a refurbished HP Z240? The E3-1240v5 processor has no built-in graphics, so you need a graphics board. Or using it as a server you don't need a graphics card?
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    A machine similar in size (7.8 Liters) is the Dell T3420. It can take two 2.5" HDDs, one NVMe SSD, and Xeon Processors with ECC RAM.
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    Compilation server

    Here you have some "memory performance" tools: Miscellaneous/ at master · LucaCanali/Miscellaneous If your code relies on several levels of pointer indirection, it seems that the processor will always be invalidating the cache contents... So, main memory...
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    HUGO for Linux

    Ouch! My apologies... :oops:
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    HUGO for Linux

    You can get it from: Install Hugo
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    Compilation server

    It all depends where the bottleneck really is. If it is memory size, swapping will occur. It may be cache size. Does compilation speed increases with the number of cores? What about clock frequency? If it is C/C++ that you are compiling, do you need to recompile it every time?
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    UPS Replacement Battery Source

    About "Leisure batteries" or other types of batteries, you may try your local auto parts distributor, instead of a "specialised shop". They may have batteries, or may get you batteries that fit the purpose, at a good price, as they sell lots and lots of batteries. A "specialised shop" assumes...
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    PCEngines small motherboard with SFP

    Looks very interesting for custom router/firewalls: PCEngines with SFP
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    HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF

    The Xeon E3-1265L v3 is good if you want a low power (the L letter) and low cost Xeon. Usually more "upscale" Xeon are more expensive. It can be had from Aliexpress at around 65 Euros, while a E3-1275 v3 is around 120 Euros, and a E3-1285 v3 goes for around 130 Euros. More details here...
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    HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF

    I have a HP Elitedesk 800 G1 USDT that has received a Xeon E3-1265L v3, and it works ok. The chipsets are different, so my info may not be very useful...
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    Linux Desktop in Docker Running in 60 Seconds

    The advantage of something in docker is that the connection works over the network. The disadvantage is that works over the network. A virtual machine with a live Linux CD also starts fast and might be more secure than Docker...
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    Q: Single ATX Power Supply as Multi-Voltage, Multi-Device centralized DC power bank ?

    Those adapters like the one you posted are very "cheaply" made. For instance, it seems the connectors accept "banana" plugs but they don't! The top part only works as a "nut handle"... A good "server grade" (not "gamer grade") PSU will be cheaper (recycled) than a Meanwell PSU, but it will...
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    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    Prodesk 600 G4 PDF specs: Elitedesk 800 G5 PDF Specs: Important stuff for me: -Yes, they both have 2 x M.2 PCI-E SSD slots. -The Q270 chipset on the 600 supports vPro but...