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    Quanta 2U D51B: LGA2011-3, 24 x 2.5" Trays, 10 GbE, Rails $250 OBO

    Mine aren't extremely loud either but i was hoping to make them quieter. They are the loudest thing i have in the rack, beating out my brocade icx 7250 although at a lower pitch. For reference my fans SYS0-SYS3 are running between 3100-3500RPM and SYS4-SYS7 are running between 4000-4600RPM. My...
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    Quanta 2U D51B: LGA2011-3, 24 x 2.5" Trays, 10 GbE, Rails $250 OBO

    Has anyone found a good solution to control the fan speed? These run a bit too loud for me with the rack being in the kitchen. I'm considering a stand alone PWM controller or just swapping the fans outright for something quieter and keeping BMC fan control.
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    Quanta 2U D51B: LGA2011-3, 24 x 2.5" Trays, 10 GbE, Rails $250 OBO

    Same here. 4 rails (2 sets) that came with mine all wrong. Got replacements and 3 of the 4 rails good with 1 closer but still not correct. Got another response from the seller saying another set is coming.. meaning 2? I only need 1 and now have 5 (2.5 sets) rails sitting here with nothing to use...
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    Quanta 2U D51B: LGA2011-3, 24 x 2.5" Trays, 10 GbE, Rails $250 OBO

    Yeah P/N does show it's a SAS3108. Both servers i got have the same card so guess i got lucky indeed. I'm using the server for freenas build and it looks like you can run it in JBOD mode although SMART data might be an issue. If i run into issue i do have a pcie 3008 i might just throw in.
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    Quanta 2U D51B: LGA2011-3, 24 x 2.5" Trays, 10 GbE, Rails $250 OBO

    For the SAS3008, anyone know if it fits the current 9271 bracket that came with the server. Is it a simple swap and add back in? Looks like it might line up from the pictures
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    Quanta 2U D51B: LGA2011-3, 24 x 2.5" Trays, 10 GbE, Rails $250 OBO

    They were quick to respond on ebay and are working to send the correct rails. Here's the response i got.
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    Quanta 2U D51B: LGA2011-3, 24 x 2.5" Trays, 10 GbE, Rails $250 OBO

    Same issue here. I got two of these servers and both have the same set of rails, neither match the pegs on the server! Also i haven't used rails like this, do the ends of the rails go on the outside or sit on the inside of the rack with all the weight of the server resting on the screws? I...
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    Looking for low power 24/7 virtualization&Nas platform.

    What kind of noise levels do these put out. Interested in using either of the 2u for homelab that runs in the kitchen. Some noise is just fine, i have an Dell r420 and some 4u supermicro's, but i can't have a screamer running.
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    $380 Micron 3.2TB S630DC SAS SSD & other capacities available

    A family member works a Micron and was able to procure a few for me. They are big and run very hot!!! you will need some good airflow from a proper server case! Even so, all 4 of mine have died in a short time causing IO freeze on any system they are plugged into. My family member says they also...
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    STH lanyards?

    Some awesome STH merch would be sweet! I'd wear a STH T-shirt or lanyard w/badge holder. Word of mouth is some of the best and most trusted advertising, what better way to share STH.
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    Seagate 1200.2 ST1920FM0023 1.88 TB 2.5" SAS

    I have a couple of these drives in the Micron variant. Out of 8 drives i only have 1 left working, they seem to fail enough i would not recommend them to anyone. The performance is great otherwise :/
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    Drive IO errors on external SAS JBOD

    I think i have the issue solved. Turned out to be a BIOS setting on the PCIe ports. They were set to EFI rather than legacy and thus couldn't boot the controller. I was worried the SATA cable length spec was causing the issue but it looks like it is indeed reset by the SAS expander. Thanks for...
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    Drive IO errors on external SAS JBOD

    I just finished building a new JBOD and can't read any drives! oh how frustrating our hobby\lives can be. Hoping some others have also tried a similar setup and can point out where the failure may be. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Setup: Server --> LSI9200-8e --> sff-8088 --> SFF-8088 to SFF-8087 pci bracket...
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    $509.90 - Ubiquiti Networks US-16-XG 10G 16-Port Managed Aggregation Switch

    12) 1G/10G SFP+ Ports and (4) 1G/10G RJ45 Ports Its Ubiquiti.. but its down from $650 since February if you have compatible cables\transceivers
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    Noise reduction 42u - no panels + perforated doors.

    Hey Diavuno, Do you have any pics? I've been designing an enclosed rack but am still looking for inspiration.
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    Ubiquiti Beta US-16-XG $299

    It's a shame not many switches are split between SFP+ and 10Gbase-T so evenly as this one. It seems you are lucky to find more than 2-4 ports of of the other port type for a given switch. Having both on one switch is just great for the home lab.
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    Supermicro Chassis 846 & 216 - getting cheaper?

    I'm just bit the bullet and ordered a 846TQ after waiting and searching for an 846 with the SAS 2 expander for a good deal. Seems its getting harder and harder to find them with the SAS 2 expander. I will probably use the Intel RES2SV240NC as the sas expander and see how that goes and maybe...
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    For Sale: Intel R2308GZ 2U Server

    Would any buyers mind commenting on the noise level of the power supplies included? I'm wondering which generates more noise; the power supply fans or the chassis fans. The supermicro power supplies for the 836 chassis are far too loud for the living room without the SQ or similar.
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    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    Once you need more than 2 SFP+ ports pickings get slim. These seem to be the switches within reasonable lab prices with 4 SFP+. I can't speak to the reliability or compatibility of them but they seem to be the go to's. I have the D-Link and its reasonably quiet and i've had no issues however, i...