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    Building myself a ML Server

    So, the saga continues. After having zero luck with these GPUs in the chassis+mobo I had bought, I gave up and snagged a H12SSL-i + Epyc 7532 + RAM from @tugm4470 on ebay. They got it to me in 3 days (I've bought from them without issue in the past, and that continues to be true). I also now...
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    Building myself a ML Server

    I want to experiment with LLMs, and I generally refuse to use any cloud service. I rent a few servers, and run my own email + whatnot myself (I also completely refuse to pay for any software rental in my personal life, etc...). I also have been having fun playing with Stable Diffusion and want...
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    Building myself a ML Server

    Build’s Name: Box O' Learnin' Operating System/ Storage Platform: Proxmox + Ubuntu 20.04 CPU: Don't care too much, something recent-ish. Wound up with 2x E5-2650v4 Motherboard: Don't care, lots of PCIe Chassis: Needs to fit GPUs Drives: Probably a couple NVMe SSDs RAM: At least 128GB, >= DDR4...
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    [CN] Seeed studio reServer 4C/8T for $274.50

    It's almost as if the giant "[OUT OF STOCK]" added to the thread title means they're no longer selling for the advertised price?
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    [CN] Seeed studio reServer 4C/8T for $274.50

    You only need one antenna for 5G. If you want to do MIMO or something, less so.
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    [CN] Seeed studio reServer 4C/8T for $274.50

    I just do not understand people who compare a raspberry pi (or basically any common ARM SBC) to this. Something that boots from a micro-SD card(or eMMC) , and something with a proper disk (NVMe/HD/Etc) are COMPLETELY different worlds. The micro-sd system will eventually poop it's filesystem...
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    [CN] Seeed studio reServer 4C/8T for $274.50

    Y'all are monsters. Well now I have a spare router, I guess.
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    AliExpress Mini PC Xeon D1581 $450

    Found one on ebay: D-1581CPU motherboard low-power DDR4 MATX supports 8-bay NAS small server | eBay It has different pictures, if nothing else. Gah, I'm super tempted.
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    VRM modify ICC_MAX to run high Current/TDP OEM processors

    While neat, I'd like to caution that this is in no way an "upgrade". You're just making the non-volatile config in the VRMs lie to the rest of the system. Effectively, this is just like overclocking. You're running the VRMs harder then the manufacturer designed them to go, so it may work, it...
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    HGST 0T01343 Ultrastar 3.82TB U.2 $199 OBO

    I put in for 2 as well. Slightly concerned as the listing says they ship, but the auction is set up as local pickup only. We'll see.
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    4TB PCIe SSD $150 - Good deal or waste of money? Manufacturer: RazorBack?

    Yeah, these are interesting if dubious bits of kit. The fact that it has a pretty obviously custom mounting bracket is also of note. The label does specify "TLC", so it's either a terrible coincidence, or it's using TLC flash, so I'd imagine it's intended for primarily read-based workloads...
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    Could you help me identify this 3way PWM fan connector?

    I'm impressed. You managed to circle three different connectors. Which is the one you're actually asking about?
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    DataOn DNS-2760 - Rebranded HGST 4U60G2 - $323 on ebay

    There's this little thing called money? I don't have enough of it to fill up 42U with stuff I want to pay to keep on all the time.
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    Kingston A2000 1TB SSD Review

    I mean, now I know that, but the patch doesn't exactly help my system from periodically hard-locking 4 months ago. Kingston is now on my "never buy" list, along with seagate SSDs (I had 3 which all failed!).
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    Kingston A2000 1TB SSD Review

    Not discussed: These SSDs (or at least ones made before a specific point) have a PCIe power saving bug that causes them to hard-lock on linux: See Solid state drive/NVMe - ArchWiki I hit this issue myself (admittedly on the 250 GB version)...
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    So I bought a winterfell node

    You have to make up your own, the OCP spec quite clearly documents the pinout for the debug header. Or stick a graphics card in the thing. That's probably the better option if you already bought one and didn't do the research to figure out how to talk to it beforehand (really?).
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    Intel 8x NVMe 2.5" U.2 Hot Swap Bay - $120 seller offer

    And man, they have a very interesting variety of stuff. Computer parts, kids toys, and ladies swimwear/clothing. I have no idea what industry they're centered in.
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    Dual Xeon-D

    Yeah, major PITA that. Anyone have some 16 GB RDIMMS they want to sell? I'm on the market for 8 2133 or 2400.
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    I guess my question then is if you can generalize from sequential s-spec values (is that what you're doing?). QRG6 is a 4214, QRG7 is a 4215, QRG8 is a pentium 4?, and QRG9 is 5215. It seems like they're not purely sequential. Anyways, reading back through the last 10 thread pages, I found...
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    I got there, it just took me a while. Heh.