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    ESXi Server
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    Supermicro H13SSL-N and fans oscillating between low and high speed
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    Edge's gaming workstation thread.

    I feel your pain. I have a couple of GB 650M boards I'm trying to build some Proxmox servers with. Total PITA. Now I remember why I haven't bought a Gigabyte board in over a decade.
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    4TB Samsung 2.5-in SSD (SATA & NVMe) for sale

    It's nuts that flash is so cheap now. When I first discovered STH around 10 years ago, I built a NAS with 8 x 4TB desktop Seagate drives that cost more than these are going for.
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    Edge's gaming workstation thread.

    I thought my kids had it good. I always build systems for them using my hand-me-down parts when I upgrade. I just put together a system for my 8 year old son around my old 2080 Super and some components originally intended for an HTPC in the living room. I'm pretty stoked that he gets ~60 FPS...
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    ESXI 8 - not seeing15.36TB (PM1733 and Kioxia cm6)

    Not a lot of Samsung NVME drives on VMware HCL. I haven't seen any flings for them either. I recently bought a couple of PM983a and ended up having to pass them through to a TrueNAS VM and then share them back to the ESXi host as NFS datastores... Kind of clunky but it works, and I was...
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    What MB for low power vSphere ESXi ? Up to 128GB. You can drop in a relatively cheap Ryzen CPU. Here's an STH review of a similar version: Personally I'd...
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    inter (V)LAN routing - basic question network topology

    You can have both router and switch connected to your VLANs ... you would use your firewall as the default route, and then create static routes on all hosts which communicate with the other VLANs via the switch, specifying the L3 virtual interface on the switch as the next hop.
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    Can i have access to internet by a home server?

    BTW, the typical user of this site would consider this a very basic scenario, so if you don't recieve a ton of feedback you might consider some other forums that are more catered to introductory concepts in networked computing.
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    Can i have access to internet by a home server?

    Ideally, you would connect one ethernet port on your server to the modem, one port to the router/switch, and have the server also act as a router/firewall for your Internet connection to the PC or any other clients on your network. This is because from a feature/security/performance perspective...
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    So, pros and cons of replacing a Synology NAS with a server...

    I don't make anything sound like anything. I simply made the observation that "the cloud" lives in a datacenter, so the skills required for data center management are not becoming obselete any more than the datacenters in which the cloud providers host the cloud resources are. Self hosting...
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    So, pros and cons of replacing a Synology NAS with a server...

    The cloud is just someone else's data center.
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    Would you consider this exchange insulting?

    I'm in agreement. I know how i value an item and what I am willing to pay for it. I also respect the sellers desire to make a profit, and I don't feel the need to "win" a negotiation. If I feel the seller is being unreasonable, I simply will not pay for it and move along to something else...
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    FreeNAS to host/run VM's

    You are I/O bound - the drives are the biggest bottleneck, followed by the single NIC you are using for iscsi, assuming it's 1GB. You can use the two unused NICs for iSCSI MPIO, which will speed up your network access, but randon IOPS and sequential read/writes are still going to suck with...
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    Office/Computer Desk chair recommendations

    I have two Herman Miller Aeron - one in my home office, one in my office. They are expensive (~1k) but over a period of 4 years I bought about three "quality" chairs from Office Depot $300-$400 that wore out or didn't fit me well, or gave me all kinds of back/knee issues. It was wasted money...
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    Trying To Download VMWare To No Avail

    Register for a free trial of the latest version and it will be added to your downloadable content.
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    Killing Time

    Busting my tail building infrastructure to support remote workers for my client. I've worked 3/4 of the last weekend and been up late nights on after hours maintenance windows 4/5 days for the last three weeks. In my "spare time" I finally got all of my gear that's been sitting on tables and...
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    Best specs for large storage-only NAS

    Typically a consumer Intel is not going to support ECC RAM, which is a good thing to have on a ZFS server.
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    Documenting your network

    I like to keep most of my notes in Onenote (or Google Docs) for just about everything, although sometimes I'll throw in a spreadsheet for a switch/rack elevation. That way I can edit from a laptop/workstation, and pull out my phone if I'm working in a wiring closet, or in the rack in the...
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    One big home server or several small ones?

    Same here ... the userbase consisting of wife and kids would fire me as CIO if we have a production outage, so the All-In-One ESXi host stays static.