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    [SOLVED]: Troubles Automounting samba Share

    Problem has been resolved, added vers=3.0 to the fstab command and its all happy now
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    [SOLVED]: Troubles Automounting samba Share

    Trying to automount a Samba share on system startup, I added // /mnt/Marabel cifs credentials=/etc/samba/credentials/.plexCredentials to /etc/fstab, obviously I have a credentials file in /etc/samba/credentials/.plexCredentials, but upon system boot, and error promptly occurs...
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    Dell PowerConnect 5548 or 7048

    I personally use a 7048p and while it has some quirks, its been rock solid, and I got a pretty good deal on mine, upgraded from a 5524p after needing more ports and the added L3 functionalities of the 7048p, while I haven't played with them yet, they appear to be vastly more expansive versus the...
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    ISP Not Accepting Tagged Packets?

    AH HA, I was in general port mode, not access port mode, I made the correction and it appeared to work immedietly. Thanks so much for the help!
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    ISP Not Accepting Tagged Packets?

    My configuration is as follows: Arris tg2472 Cable Gateway (in bridge mode) into a Dell PowerConnect 7048p, the port is tagged 500, I then have 4 ports in trunk mode connected to an r610 running ESXi 6.7, uplinks are connected to a vSwitch with load balancing based on ip hash, and is attached...
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    Reverting LSI 9212-4i to IR mode?

    I want to revert an LSI 9212-4i I bought used to its factory defaults, so I can create a hardware RAID-1 on it. It is currently in HBA/IT mode, and I would like to get it back to a raid card. All the guides I find online are IR to IT, and I can't find the firmware downloads anywhere. Any...
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    Subnetting, Subnet Masks & vLans

    I've always just run everything in my network, all unmanaged switches, just everything, everywhere. I wanna learn more about selecting subnet masks, IP addresses ( vs for example), I wanna learn the difference between a subnet and a VLAN, and how traffic...