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    Killer Samsung 800GB NVMe U2 $300 obo

    Seller has the 1.6 TB PM1725 drives for $525 but I was able to get one for $450 after making an offer. Pretty great deal on these drives. DELL 1.6TB PCIe SSD GEN 3 NVME PM1725 MZWLK1T6HCHP-000D3 | eBay
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    p3700 400gb 2.5" $350

    If this deal is indeed real, if anyone wants to unload one I am game.
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    SanDisk Fusion ioMemory SX350 3200 3.2 TB - BO $800

    If you guys want me to test anything specifically, just send the diskspd command and I will run it.
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    SanDisk Fusion ioMemory SX350 3200 3.2 TB - BO $800

    sorry about that...images should appear now. Also, with diskspd I was able to hit r/w speeds of 2.8GBs/2.0 GBs.
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    SanDisk Fusion ioMemory SX350 3200 3.2 TB - BO $800

    I received the SX350 today. Packaging was great and ran fio-status and a quick CrystalDiskMark. I can run diskspd if anyone is interested. This was my best purchase in 2016. Would be nice if the seller drops more as I would love to pair this up. @timd - I would love to see the numbers you get...
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    SanDisk Fusion ioMemory SX350 3200 3.2 TB - BO $800

    Yes, you're correct there are 8 available. I wasn't 100% confident myself, but decided to take a chance considering the fact that these are the newest model of the Fusion IOs. When it arrives, I will report back on the packaging and will verify the usage via ioSphere.
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    SanDisk Fusion ioMemory SX350 3200 3.2 TB - BO $800

    These are the newer model Fusion IO cards that are up to 2x the performance of the ioDrive2 cards that many of us have picked up here on the forums. Also, with 11 PBW of endurance and 3.2 TB capacity, I find this to be a great deal. Seller accepted $800 best offer, but there's potential for an...
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    Dell R730XD Intel DC S3710 MLC 400GB SSD 2.5 6Gb/s SATA III w/ Caddy

    Came across this posting. Figured someone would be interested. Only 3 remaining for $139.99 Buy It Now. INTEL SSD DC S3710 SERIES 400GB SATA III 2.5" FOR DELL R730XD SERVER WITH CADDY 735858287784 | eBay
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    Dell 400gb nvme drives 285$ obo

    I have a feeling this drive might be the XS1715 due to the 400 GB size. So it should have 750,000 4k read iops and r/w seq. speeds of 3GBs/1.4GBs. With a max of 5 PBW, it's not too shabby...
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    Toshiba Enterprise SSD refurb 960,400 and 200 TB

    Great for 2*960GB
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    1.6TB Intel DC P3605 (P3600) - $800

    Thanks @Patrick...price is reduced to $750. I picked one up as I couldn't resist...
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    Newegg: Intel 750 400GB AIC NVMe drive $299.99

    @Patrick the link you posted was updated to $499.99
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    F2uSoe - initial hurtle passed, 2 Intel NVMe Cages in 1 Server

    Look forward to the results from your NVMe SAN build. Looking to do something similar early next year for our enterprise.
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    NVMe: 2.5" SFF drives working in a normal desktop

    I prefer diskspd as well. It's a handy tool for benchmarking the Intel NVMe drives and I've used it for infiniband testing as well.
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    Fusion-io 320GB under $200 again

    one more....353GB Fusion IO Iodrive I O Accelerator FS1 003 356 CS Solid State Drive IO | eBay
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    Lsi Nytro Warpdrive

    A few people have been trying out various versions of the Fusion-io cards and I thought this may be an interesting alternative to share.The LSI Nytro Warpdrive cards are at minimum 2.0 GB reads/ 1.0 GB writes (256K IO). Hopefully someone may find interest in two being sold in the link below (OBO...
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    Mellanox Connectx-2 VPI Dual Port Adapter - $49.99 OBO

    I received 2 @ $25 per. Pretty good deal.
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    Sun QDR infiniband switch 36 port $400

    Seller has 5 of these 36 port switches OBO $350.00. Can probably get down to $300...tempting. Sun Data Center Infiniband Switch X2821A Z 602 4758 | eBay
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    HGST 550GB Virident FlashMAX II - $650 OBO

    Seller has another here: HGST Virident Flashmax II 550GB SSD Flash PCIe Enterprise Server Hard Drive | eBay
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    Samsung 960 GB SV843

    seller accepted $450.00 OBO. I think the seller would take a lower offer and seems to have 10+ available. Hopefully a little more reputable than the NY/NJ sellers of the PM853T drives that are popping up on ebay. Samsung Enterprise 960GB SSD MZ 7WD960T OAZMZ7WD960HMHP | eBay