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    SOLD: Intel P4610

    I confirmed receipt and tested one so far successfully. All stats are as @beaker7 has published.
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    SOLD: Intel P4610

    pm incoming
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    **SOLD** [FS][US-VA] 2x Dell R730xd - 2697A V4 - 512GB

    If for some reason the buyer falls through, I will take them.
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    WTB: Meraki hardware (MX)

    We just decommissioned an MX84, 2x MS120-48LP, 1x MS120-24P, and ~10x MR42. It still needs to be cleaned up and I had intended to try to list these locally but if you could use any of this, feel free to pm. All are expired but (presumably) transferable.
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    FS - New (open box) Dell Latitude 9510 2-in-1/i7-10th Gen/ 512GB/16GB/ 3-yr warranty

    Just follow up - I bought this laptop and it's great. Apologies to the seller for the cross-border issues we had but he was patient and it worked out in the end. Cheers
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    Canada [WTB] 400GB+ SSD for R630

    Hello, Looking for up to qty of 10 SSDs, preferably Dell branded to avoid the "incompatible" idrac error, somewhere in the 400GB-1TB range per drive. Server grade (no consumer stuff), and new or close to new TBW please. I already have the caddies, just need disks. Shipping to V3S 8E5, and I...
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    FS: $850 Dell R630 E5-2697Av4 64GB | 900$ Dell R440 Silver 4114 32GB

    Oof.. R630's are really tempting then.. our hosting services are ramping up but I don't know if I can justify grabbing a few of these just yet...
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    FS: $850 Dell R630 E5-2697Av4 64GB | 900$ Dell R440 Silver 4114 32GB

    By "discount on multiple servers", do you mean an offer for both servers listed, or you're implying you have multiple qty available of the two specs listed?
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    Samsung DRAM warranty?

    ah, that explains it. thanks for the feedback guys! :)
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    Samsung DRAM warranty?

    This might seem like a dumb question but I cannot find any info online or on Samsung's website. Do their DDR4 ECC modules have any manufacturer warranty? And if so, how do I request it?
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    Who is Samir and why does he like everything??

    I am generally in the deals/buy sell forum and I noticed that Samir clicks Like on every, single, post, in these forums. Who is he? What's his motivation? Why must he Like everything?! :eek: lol
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    FS: 3 Avail, Supermicro 1U shortdepth 2011-3 barebones, CSE-514-505 X10SRW-F

    How loud is this at idle? Would it be OK in an office environment or should it be tucked away in the closet?
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    WTB: Dell T320 & T630 Tower to Rack Conversion Kits

    Haha yes, it is stored onsite. pm me an offer and your zip/postal code and I'll look into it.
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    SOLD: 128GB (4x32) Samsung 2666Mhz ECC RDIMMs

    I'll take them. sending you a pm
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    Seagate Exos 8TB SAS 512e $176/ea in CDW Outlet

    fwiw - just checked these links, a lot are sold now, but the remaining ones are listed at $148.99 at the time of this post.
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    Does this mobo support bifurcation for SSD?

    Oh nice, that shows some promise! If only they had had that available when I was doing my build :( Good luck!
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    Does this mobo support bifurcation for SSD?

    I eventually found some other sites that indicated that you need a newer gen mobo to support bifurcation in this capacity, so I ended up going a different route instead. They could be wrong, but I didn't want to take a chance.
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    SM onboard 2308 not detecting new drives

    So I've been running a 6047R-E1R36L for several months now, the onboard 2308 controller has the latest IT firmware loaded. OS is Server 2016. When I initially set it up, i had 6 drives installed (2x 10TB, 4x 12TB), everything went smoothly and has been working great in a SnapRAID/DrivePool The...