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    CHEAP 10G SFP+ rj45 NICs for you quanta lb6m

    I recently (30/01/2017) stumbled across a seller on eBay selling 10G SFP+ rj45 nics Items in w3e30us store on eBay! the listing 2nd from the bottom is for MSA compatible NICs anyone with a lb6m game to try? I will buying one or 2 for my Voltaire 4036E-LM I bought recently for the up-link ports
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    Voltaire 30035/4036E-LM (low memory version) newb questions

    I recently bought a brand new Voltaire 30035/4036E-LM (low memory version) and have a few general questions that I haven't seen asked or answered. How do I save my running config on the switch to itself (unfortunately I'm not able to run it 24/7), I did a reload thinking it'd save the config...