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    EMC KTN-STL3 15 bay chassis

    Yes it will work. Here is a similar card with a newer chipset version, Genuine LSI 9207-4i4e SAS HBA 6Gbps PCI-E 3.0 P20 IT mode for ZFS FreeNAS unRAID | eBay
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    WTB: Gigabyte R180-F34

    Looking for another Gigabyte R180-F34, I purchased one from this thread and really like it. Now I would like a second for possible use or spare parts and the Ebay seller is out.
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    Gigabyte R180-F34 1U Server (2011-3) $94-109 + Shipping

    Gigabyte's specifications list shows 64GB RDIMMS are supported as well but I can verify they don't work. I went ahead and listed the 64GB modules for sale after I looked up compatible modules on Micron's website and they only list the LRDIMMs as well.
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    [FS/FT][US-NC] 4x 64GB DDR4 RDIMMS Micron MTA36ASF8G72PZ-2G9B2UI $325

    I have 4 of these and they don't work with my Gigabyte R180-F34 so I am looking to replace them with the same capacity in 32GB sticks. Interested in trading for smaller DIMMS 2400 or faster. Asking $325 $300 $285/stick shipped UPS using PayPal Sold on the Bay
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    Gigabyte R180-F34 1U Server (2011-3) $94-109 + Shipping

    I have a pair of 2690v4 CPUs. I have done a little more research and all the boards with the C612 chipset that I can find do not support 64GB RDIMMS. So I find it hard to believe that Gigabyte magically figured out how to get them to run rather than the website specs are incorrect.
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    Gigabyte R180-F34 1U Server (2011-3) $94-109 + Shipping

    Anybody up and running with 64GB RAM sticks? I have some Micron 64GB 2933 RDimms that are not recognized in this system and noticed that the QVL list doesn't have any 64GB sticks either.
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    [FS/WTB] [US-NC] FS: Supermicro parts, SAS/SATA cards, DDR4 RAM etc ; WTB: 4-12x32gb DDR4 2400 ECC Reg

    The Drive trays that are broken what exactly does it stop you from doing? Is it just more difficult to change drives or are they completely unusable?
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    FS/FT - SFBayZFS's 2020-2021 home storage lab liquidation

    I have been debating getting another Supermicro chassis for a while, what would be a rough estimate to ship a 3u or 4u to zip 27858?
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    Upgrade sale - xeons, ddr3 ecc, GPU's, HBA's, HDD's

    Where are you located? I am interested in the Rosewill case.
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    [SOLD][FS] [NoVA] 5x 7.68 D4502 NVME, 3x Optane 900P 280GB

    The 900p arrive today and have to say it was well packaged and arrived quickly. I will post the SMART values so you can see how little use they have on them. I also threw in a quick benchmark. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) INTEL...
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    Motherboards, SAS enclosures and Disk Shelves

    Can you take pictures of the Sans Digital Tower Raid models? I am debating between one or both of them or the Surfraid Triton. How loud is the Triton vs the Sans Digital? What would shipping cost for zip code 27858?