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    Considering home server upgrade

    You hope to increase power efficiency by upgrading from E-2134 to R5 7600? How high is you CPU load? If your current box idles most of the time, your power consumption will increase substantially after the upgrade.
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    Esxi free is dead. Alternative?

    I don't think the problems I wanted to put in fokus are dependent on block storage protocols. I think the problem remains the same on the layer above that, where we would talk about file access. Most software working with files is not perfectly transaction based. So my point would be that you do...
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    Esxi free is dead. Alternative?

    Can you point me somewhere where I can read up on this?
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    Esxi free is dead. Alternative?

    Can I have my root FS on NFS? And does the guest OS handle the mounted NFS share differently than a typical FS?
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    Esxi free is dead. Alternative?

    This is just making it worse with another layer that is not perfectly synced. Snapshotting is not the problem. Guaranteeing that the data in the snapshot is perfectly consistent is a problem and you can not solve that by changing the backend. ZFS supports perfect synchronized writes. The FS...
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    Esxi free is dead. Alternative?

    Yes I also understand Proxmox backups in snapshot mode do what you call a "FS freeze". If you do regular snapshots (not backups in snapshot mode) using Proxmox for VMs with their disks stored in ZFS, Proxmox uses ZFS snapshots, but I don't know where the memory dump is stored. Backup of those...
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    Esxi free is dead. Alternative?

    I think we discussed that a little in hardwareluxx forum some months ago. My understanding (and I am not an expert neither with proxmox nor with EXSi) is that you won't get snapshots that are perfectly consistent with the state of the guest OS by simply doing a ZFS snapshot of the running guest...
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    RAM for EPYC Rome (4Rx4 supported?)

    Why do you think so? The memory tables in the manual explicitly list 4R DIMMs for Naples but only 2S2R for Rome. I am not shure yet what the exact difference is but it might be just exact opposite of what you said.
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    EU Gigabyte Mainboard MC12-LE0 Re1.0 AMD B550 AM4 Ryzen

    First thing might be to exchange the SSD (or put a second in) and install plain Ubuntu server just to have a comparison. If that results in a big difference, I agree that it would be worth the effort and be quite interesting to run your VM(s) in a Linux/KVM environment of your choice.
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    Dual port 10G SFP+ card: If only one port is in use does it get "all the bandwidth"?

    There are some "strange" design decisions in chips. Take for example dual port 25GbE NICs like BCM57414 that don't support linking one port at 10GbE and the other at 25GbE. Strange enough though, mixing 25GbE and 1GbE is supported on BCM57414. But like I said: I can't imagine a NIC that splits...
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    Dual port 10G SFP+ card: If only one port is in use does it get "all the bandwidth"?

    typically your math is totally correct. There might be NICs out there working rather strangely but I doubt, because it would be rather complicated to still be able to use ports with less than the full width of the cart at all. Apart from that: just try! On the topic of single port gen3 NICs...
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    AOC-SLG3-2E4T oculink hba disappearing from bios and os

    First thing: This is not a HBA! The retimer should be pretty transparent to the bus. Question: Do the drives still are listed as NVMe/PCIe devices in BIOS? (I do not mean in boot section!) I guess you and the fedora installer installed the system in a way your BIOS does not recognize.
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    EU Gigabyte Mainboard MC12-LE0 Re1.0 AMD B550 AM4 Ryzen

    Truth might be in the middle (like most of the time). 8724 pex is officially 5W. But old dual port 10GbE NICs are more than 5W so I am pretty shure your NIC is more than 10W (count of connected ports is only a minor difference in all 10/25GbE server NICs I know) Apart from that the major thing...
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    shorter-depth 2U 12x3.5" cases

    Supermicro does not have such a case in it's standard catalog. Supermicro might still be involved in the project. I don't know.
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    EU Gigabyte Mainboard MC12-LE0 Re1.0 AMD B550 AM4 Ryzen

    That's quite high. So what is your PSU, OS and running (background) software? (background activity does increase power consumption by 20-30W on my system) What SSD do you use? and what NIC?
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    Smallest Proxmox server possible

    I think ECC is the crucial point here. It rules out all the cheap consumer stuff. There might be some "workstation" type tiny/mini/micros but I am not into that field so I don't know. As you did not give a budget... The coolest system might be based on a X13SCL-iF. You can connect dual NVMe via...
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    EU Gigabyte Mainboard MC12-LE0 Re1.0 AMD B550 AM4 Ryzen

    Maybe you could have started with giving us the power consumption of your system? ;) My system could be similar (you did not list everything): 5700X, 2x 32GB Samsung, BMC57414 (one port linked at 25GbE using a DAC), Optane M10 16GB, beQuiet 400W (about 10 years old), 4x NF-S12A, Dynatron A24...
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    Xeon W-22xy vs Xeon W-21xy: Why so much more expensive?

    Of course, but exactly that is the appeal of LGA2066. It has 48 gen3 lanes, supports loads of relatively cheap (L)RDIMMs and Skylake W21xx CPUs are quite cheap while supporting relatively high single thread performance compared to server CPUs. Of course this on a declining trail but 3 years ago...
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    Anyone successfully using a Micron 9400 Pro U.3 ssd?

    The Micron 7300 is gen3 which is a hint into the direction of gen4 signal quality issues. But of course only a hint. The carrier PCB add in cards can also be problematic. Found that out myself... So unfortunately your findings here don't prove anything either. By the way, a direct cable from MB...
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    Compact Micro-ATX case

    @Tech Junky He want's a case smaller than the Node 804. Not a solution where to mount the SSDs in the Node 804. @Octopuss Did you consider the Sliger Cases? (I don't know if they fit your needs, but they build 1-2 very small µATX cases) Apart from that I don't get why you think that there...