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  1. tinfoil3d

    [JP] Freebies: copper NICs and others

    Everything still valid.
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    Hearing protection for servers

    I'd just wear earplugs or simple dumb ear protection headphones to be safe. I don't know much about ANC, I wouldn't necessary trust it, as it doesn't eliminate the sound pressure afaict. I know its annoying.
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    WARNING Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB firmware version 3B2QGXA7 (mfg ~2021) WILL DIE, update firmware ASAP!

    Just reminding if anyone missed this, see first post, upgrade firmware on 2TB 980 Pro if you have version starting with number 3, or it may/will fail.
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    Heads up, CableMod 12VHPWR adaptors recall announced

    Not much of a news in general, 12VHPWR was a trouble from day 1.
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    Water-Damaged WD MyBook Studio Edition II Quad Interface 6TB

    Does it power on at all(spin up)? Did you try some linux recovery livecd? I will avoid anything that is "black box" and only use linux, ideally read-only patched linux kernel(yeah, that's necessary if we're talking about some serious data). I've read reviews for seagate(not wd) recovery service...
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    IBM M1210 raid

    Solved today in my final attempt, thanks to @bryce527 files and @fohdeesha classic DOS ISO for PERC. megarec from fohdeesha's pack was the only and first tool that worked. i issued megarec -clearflash 0, then overwritten SBR, then rebooted into EFI and used sas3flash.efi from the pack above...
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    IBM M1210 raid

    Chiming in with lenovo's pull of p/n 00JY196, aka ServeRAID M1210 or 1215. There's no jumper other than UART(neat for debugging i guess). I've spent 6 or so hours trying to erase it with megarec, megacli, sas2flash, sas3flash to no avail The reason I was is very interesting, I use supermicro...
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    (BOUGHT) US commscope custom fiber cables, UPDATED: report on outdoor fiber

    I never got to set up a monitoring on the indoor-rated OM3 trunk cable, however I can report I'm still using it with no issues after almost full year of it hanging outdoors, exposed to elements and sun and rodents potentially. So far so good. This was a commscope OM3 MPO 12-fiber cable I got off...
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    10TB SAS HDD 59 USD

    negative feedback from reviews didn't work at all, but seller was very profesional. HGST HDD HUH721010AL42C0 10TB 3.5" SAS 12Gb/s Server Hard Disk Drive (#234981003035) Buyer: m***m (137) US $62.89 Verified purchase
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    10TB SAS HDD 59 USD

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    [COMPLETED][W][US-CA] 4x Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny

    I can offer an older, single P320 Tiny, i7-7700(non-T) and copper heatsink, pcie riser installed, SATA caddy and cable. 32G RAM in 2x16. The big downside is im in Japan, so shipping won't be cheap(this one is heavy so it'll run over 50 USD for just the shipping, idk what's left for the PC price...
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    Efficient space heating

    Yeah, likely. After all LLMs are freakin freely available for anyone and any lil boi can spin it up no time. It's cool and scary at the same time, scammers are widely utilizing it now. To a great result for them. Eldery people should be aware of these increased risks.
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    Efficient space heating

    @SnJ9MX You're talking to ChatGPT sir
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    Storage Crypto ?

    Im just so glad that this chia bs didn't last too long, and HDD and SSD prices are back to normal. Besides, someone bought two NVMes from be back in 21(i think?) substantially overpriced. Rn we can easily get used 10TB SAS in bulk under 10k JPY(less than 67 bucks each) which I happily did at one...
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    Storage Crypto ?

    What's the profit in this? There are no links afaics. Why is someone doing this? Unlike posts in sales thread these have no value to anyone.
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    Power Strip With Individual Power Draw Monitoring?

    Cool, but I've first PX series( DPXS20A-30L6 ), didn't even look into upgrading because, well, it just works. Don't upgrade or fix what's working is rule #1 in IT, especially true if this is an airgapped network.