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    Easyshucks Are On Sale Again at BB, 10 And 12TB - 169.99, 199.99

    Has anyone confirmed whether the white-label drives in shuckers are SMR?
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    Mellanox ConnectX-3 on ebay look strange

    I don't trust ads that have obvious BS in them. ConnectX-3 cards run at PCIe 3.0, not 4.0. Also, I think that the 341 is a mezzanine card. I second the hard pass.
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    iGPU hw transcoding for xeon e3 v6 w/ supermicro IPMI board?

    Thank you for the advice. Further down that feature request, it looks like most of the glue is present to allow quicksync. The only thing I'm not completely sure about is the kernel drivers for the newer i915. Those do appear to be available for FreeBSD 11.2. In my copious spare time...
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    iGPU hw transcoding for xeon e3 v6 w/ supermicro IPMI board?

    Hi all, I have a Supermicro X11SSi-LN4F motherboard that's running great as a FreeNAS server, including plex and zoneminder in jails. I'm considering a CPU upgrade from Skylake e3 to a Kaby Lake e3-1245 version to get HW decoding and transcoding for Zoneminder and Plex. I've found a couple of...
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    RAMbleed - which DDR4 has TRR enabled?

    Ok, so it appears that Samsung claims to use TRR in all their DDR4, according to Once thought safe, DDR4 memory shown to be vulnerable to “Rowhammer” . However, that's not a primary reference. I've not yet found rowhammer-vulnerable RAM based on testing by memtest86 (laptop, desktop, or...
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    RAMbleed - which DDR4 has TRR enabled?

    With the new RAMbleed attack making some news, I'd like to understand my vulnerability level. The news reports say that we should use DDR4 with TRR enabled, but I'm unable to find a way to check if my server RAM (Samsung M391A2K43BB1-CPB) has it. No info available in dmidecode and the specs...
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    supermicro X11 ipmi ssl and java kvm annoyances

    Thanks for the comments, all. @nthu9280 , at one point I did use IPMIview on linux, but I only got it working for image mounting. It didn't work for KVM, sadly. @Blinky 42 - Yeah, I saw that. For some reason, I wasn't able to make that work. No idea why. @MiniKnight - For my board, 1.48 is...
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    supermicro X11 ipmi ssl and java kvm annoyances

    Hi all, The Supermicro IPMI is a constant source of both conveniences and inconveniences. Here are 2 problems that I've encountered lately, including workarounds. If you've got a better fix, please share. The board in question is an X11 ssi-ln4f, with BMC firmware 1.48. 1. Java web start IKVM...
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    Raspberry Pi 3+ and FLIRC case for about $40

    Does that include the power supply? I can't actually tell from the listing on google. The Fry's listing suggests that it doesn't.
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    Infiniband PCIe card preventing boot in one server but not another

    @arglebargle Just fair warning, I've never done it myself. I think it was mentioned in the OP of this thread.
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    Infiniband PCIe card preventing boot in one server but not another

    @arglebargle - Unfortunately, I never did additional testing, since it works (mostly) in one of my servers. On a different note, did you try masking the SMbus pins on the PCIe connector?
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    NetSpectre Slow and Remote Vulnerability

    So, I'm not an expert on this, but it seems like this is getting sensationalized. Although the attack doesn't require attacker-injected code, it requires that the target computer contain 'spectre gadgets', essentially, bits of code already on the server that can be used to trigger the...
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    Mellanox branded vs OEM

    Thanks for the pointer, @fohdeesha . I might have saved the old dell firmware image before the overwrite. TBH, I don't really care about the LED's. The card works fine otherwise.
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    Mellanox branded vs OEM

    YMMV. I bought a Dell-branded CX-312 (10gbe dual port) and flashed it with the stock firmware. After the flash, the activity LEDs on the board flash constantly regardless of port activity/link. Otherwise, the NIC works on my Supermicro X11-SSi-LN4F but doesn't work on a Gigabyte consumer...
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    Infiniband PCIe card preventing boot in one server but not another

    Just saw this thread. I have a similar(-ish) problem with a Dell-branded ConnectX-3 (312 dual port). It works in an Supermicro X11SSi-ln4f but not on a gigabyte G87 UD3H. Machine wouldn't even boot. Crossflashing to the latest Mellanox firmware screwed up the LED's but alas no improvement in...
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    HP NC364T 4x 1GbE Intel 82571EB NIC

    I have no particular insight, but given the installed based, it'll be a long, long time (if ever) before the linux kernel drops drops support for those intel nics.
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    Intel i350 and SR-IOV (maybe a rant...)

    You're correct in that you need a lot of things going for you to get SR-IOV working. One correction - Some E3 xeons DO support SR-IOV using the chipset (not the CPU) PCIE lanes. For my system (E3 1230v5 on a Supermicro X11-ssi-ln4f motherboard), this means that I can SR-IOV one device in a...
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    Ubiquiti access points 15% off at Newegg for newsletter subscribers!

    Sadly, the UAP-AC-PRO doesn't seem to be included in this sale. The best price new for that is on their ebay store: $120.
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    WTB Mellanox low profile bracket

    Mellanox sells them, but the shipping makes it a $20 investment for only a single bracket. @Pyro, is it for a connectx-3 (MCX-312A)? Or a connectx-2? I think they're different.