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    Server 2022 essentials included RDP CAL's?

    the CAL's provided with Essentials are REGULAR CALS's not RDP - those are different. Regular CAL's are for users accessing / using the Server (AD login, file sharing, etc) - 25 of those (users) and 50 (clients) are provided with the purchase. Essentials DOES NOT support converting it into a...
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    SRX300 Firmware

    Given the CVE is mostly related to the web console - would it still be dangerous to run it in a home lab / home office - when the web portal is either completely disabled or limited to internal IP addresses only?
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    Proxmox VM's not booting anymore

    Hi everyone, I have one of those Aliexpress J4125 CPU boxes with proxmox and then OpnSense on top of that as a VM and a Windows Server VM. The other day we had a power outage and now the VM's do not want to boot anymore. The windows VM starts and stops by itself, the OPNSense one claims zio...
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    HSM - nShield howto BYOK?

    Hoping there's someone here that knows nShield a bit - The tutorial for BYOK for Azure KeyVault has been changed - as instead of a regional ZIP file - you can now create a BYOK PEM file.. So, I'm looking for the way to create a new key in my nShield HSM and wrap it with the PEM file from my...
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    Juniper EX2200 use me port as regular ge port?

    Hi - I was wondering if it is possible to use the dedicated management port as a regular switch port ... R
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    Fanless Intel J4125 4x i225 Virtualized Firewall Appliance Review

    bought a couple and got them in today.. first things first.. install Windows Server 2022.. found out that the NIC's are not installing automatically, nor via Windows Update.. the trick is to download the Intel PRO set (LAN-Win10_Win11- and then manually add the driver for the NIC's by...
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    SRX300 Firmware

    also looking...
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    Microsoft Azure Adds Ampere Altra Arm CPUs

    The VMs currently in preview support Canonical Ubuntu Linux, CentOS, and Windows 11 Professional and Enterprise Edition on Arm. Support for additional operating systems including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Debian, AlmaLinux, and Flatcar is on the way.
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    Microsoft Azure Adds Ampere Altra Arm CPUs

    operating at up to 3.0GHz its btw in preview.. you need to get whitelisted: Now in preview: Azure Virtual Machines with Ampere Altra Arm-based processors | Azure Blog and Updates | Microsoft Azure
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    Microsoft Azure Adds Ampere Altra Arm CPUs

    it could be me.. but it seems there is much more to this.. that isn't mentioned in the article.. such as.. there's a Windows 11 that runs on that CPU.. (showing interest in ARM from the Windows client team outside of the Qualqom space (remember we are still waiting for Windows 11 on M1 chips..)...
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    The Infamous Mikrotik CRS354-48P-4S+2Q+ Thread

    what's the noise like on that thing? I'm slowly looking for a replacement of my 6450 broccade.. and could use some QSFP ports
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    Juniper BGP stop default route from being advertised to Azure

    hmm still did not work.. any other ideas? root@GW2# show policy-options policy-statement preprend1 { term prependterm1 { from neighbor [ ]; then { preference subtract 10; accept; } } term removeDefault {...
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    Juniper BGP stop default route from being advertised to Azure

    Hi everyone, My Juniper is doing an BGP based VPN tunnel to Azure Gateways, but the BGP is also sending the default route to Azure - causing a forced tunneling setup where all Azure Internet based traffic is sent to my on-premises rather than straight to Internet.. In the BGP policy I have...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    ah okay... yeah.. hmmm.. any idea on how to achieve this? perhaps pfsense or something?
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I was wondering if there is a technique in the ICX platform that allows me to intercept all DNS traffic from clients and redirect it on the switch itself.. I'm trying out Anycast on Windows Domain Controllers ( - and was wondering if there was a way to essentially force the...
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    Juniper BGP decrease weight on route

    hi everyone I was hoping there was someone here with super duper knowledge on BGP and Juniper.. I have a setup where I have 3 routers.. lets call them R1, R2, R3.. R1 advertises a route to R2 ( R2 advertises its own routes to R3 R2 also forwards the R1 routes to R3 I want to...
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    Guide: Flashing H310/H710/H810 Mini & full size to IT Mode

    I pulled it.. and got the numbers 05CT6D - so that would be a H710 D1 lets give it a try ...
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    Guide: Flashing H310/H710/H810 Mini & full size to IT Mode

    I'm trying to revert the flash - going back to RAID mode - but ehm.. info doesn't spit out anything at the moment (possibly because its flashed already) - how to find out which model I have now?
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    Checkpoint Firewalls - *grrrrr*

    I have a 4400 at home, it was a left-over somewhere.. but after struggling with it for days to get my internet connection stable enough I was like f-it.. finally through some people I know, (as their support, manual, forum - anything you would want to know - is behind a paid support front-door)...
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    ESXi only getting 10Gbit but link at 40Gbit...

    For me it was the qsfp cable not being correct... A new cable fixed it...