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    Movin' on 40GbE

    Great, thanks!
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    Movin' on 40GbE

    How hard are these switches to setup for basic use? I don't need to setup anything fancy like VLANs. Do they require licensing or subscriptions, or can I just guy one off of eBay and plug it in? Sorry if these are obvious questions, I'm not much of a networking guy.
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    Enterprise SSD list

    Yeah, wow! I had no idea that could be done.
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    Workstation Storage Question

    1) Last time I checked, the fastest was the Samsung PM1725. 6000MB/s read, 2000MB/s, and a million read IOPS. Buy a couple of them and stripe them and you will get blazing fast speeds. The rest of the system will become the bottleneck. Also, see this thread: The Million IOPS Club Thread (Or more...