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    M.2 SATA SSD > 2TB?

    I'm not sure. This is my concern though ...
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    M.2 SATA SSD > 2TB?

    What am I missing? I see lots of M.2 4Tb NVMe SSDs available. TIA.
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    QUESTION: has any generation of the HP MicroServer had hot-swapping?

    Interesting. Thanks for the tip. I've got extra 8i and 16i cards kicking around ...
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    QUESTION: has any generation of the HP MicroServer had hot-swapping?

    Thanks for your reply. Makes sense - I was sure I had successfully hot-swapped an HP MicroServer drive many years ago. I'm kind of surprised that functionality is not there in the Gen10s though ...
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    Canada Newegg: Intel 535 480GB SATA 3 SSD $C170 (today only) "Shell Shocker". Link: Intel 535 Series 2.5" 480GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) SSDSC2BW480H6R5 -
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    EU HGST 4U SAS3 12GB/s Storage Enclosure 60 bays £299

    Nice find! Beautiful looking piece of kit.
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    Error when running with two processors

    Teng, Question: is the heatsink/fan/cooling arrangement for the second CPU OEM (i.e., provided by Quanta)?
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    Canada GIGABYTE i5 SFF-PC, $340. Today only - Newegg.

    A (Canada) Shell Shocker special. Today only: GIGABYTE GB-BXi5H-5200-BN (rev. 1.0) 2 x 204Pin SO-DIMM Intel HD Graphics 5500 Black Mini-PC Barebone - Tweaktown review (Rating: 92%): GIGABYTE BRIX s BXi5H-5200 Ultra Compact Mini PC Review
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    Intel 800gb S3700

    ... what has kept me away from these Used OEM Datacenter SSD Ebay offers is the, potential, impossibility of updating the SSD firmware. Great buyer's guide here: Buyer's Guide to getting a used datacenter SSD inexpensively Nevertheless, at this price I'm tempted.
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    RHEL Dev subscription now free

    When I first read this I thought it was an elaborate April Fool's joke.
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    Big day on STH!

    ... you have an "in" with Intel now for product/test reviews of their new offerings?
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    VM-to-VM network performance with SR-IOV and eswitch vs. vswitch?

    +1 for DPDK. Inter-VM network performance is a primary design focus of DPDK. Here are some supported NICs you can test with: DPDK doc
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    Lenovo ThinkPad P70 Powerful Mobile Workstation Review

    Canta, Sorry to hear you are having issues. We had great success with the T60 and W520. The W520, in particular, is built like a tank.
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    Ubuntu 16.04: OVS + DPDK much improved

    STHers interested in testing Open vSwitch (OVS) + DPDK might want to consider testing on Ubuntu 16.04 (OVS 2.5/DPDK 2.2). Intel's testers found this combination to be much improved over Ubuntu 15.10: Using Open vSwitch* with DPDK on Ubuntu* | Intel® Developer Zone 16.04 is scheduled for...
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    New SDN programming and automation book

    I stumbled across a new SDN programming and automation book STHers might want to look into: "Next-Generation Network Engineering Skills - Scott's Weblog - The weblog of an IT pro specializing in virtualization, networking, open source, and cloud computing" Looks promising. I'm not sure why...
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    OpenStack based on Intel Xeon D-15xx SoCs

    Remko, Have you looked at Open vSwitch?
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    Homebrew 10GbE switch

    Lance, Sorry, you lost me. Why are you looking at the XL710-series and not the X710-series?