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    VMWare 6.7 u2 + Connectx-3 Infinband no worky

    They only support the Connectx4-5, not the 3 anymore. There was a way at least under 6.5 to install the older version, but I Followed instructions on this site, now it failes due to missing com.vmware.driverAPI- and vmkapi_2_0_0_0
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    VMWare 6.7 u2 + Connectx-3 Infinband no worky

    That's what i'm afraid of, I don't think the mellanox 4036e will work in ethernet mode, and I would hate to have to go back to 10gb from that 40gb goodness.
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    VMWare 6.7 u2 + Connectx-3 Infinband no worky

    I have three servers with VMware 6.7 update 2 that do not work with my Connectx-3 cards. I tried following some articles about installing version 1.83 of the drivers onto ESX, but the instructions don't work on 6.7, maybe they only work on 6.5? Has anyone gotten Connectx-3 working on vmware 6.7?
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    LSI Syncro 9271 SATA drives?

    I purchased a syncro 9271, upon booting it said it doesn't support SATA drives, which I thought was rather annoying, and thought I would update the firmware. I update to the straight LSI 9271 controller and now it says "NVRAM is missing". Is there anyway to fix it?
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    Mellanox 4036e console cable

    I've got a mellanox 4036e off of ebay, and while it gets an IP and I get a logon screen, I neither have a password for it, nor can I get any sort of access via the serial port. I've tried a cisco console cable, a null modem cable, a straight through cable, and switch pins 2 / 6, 2/3 and 2/4 and...
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    LSI 9271 / 9265 Cachecade write-through only

    yes, one has a battery, one has cachevault. one has 512mb on board, the other one has 1gb.
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    LSI 9271 / 9265 Cachecade write-through only

    So I have an LSI 9271 with some intel SSDs and an LSI 9265 with 2x 850 EVO samsung SSDs and I put in the trial code to see how cachecade would work, and cachecade is stuck in "write-through" mode, I'm unable to change it to write-back. Is this a function of the my SSDs maybe not being...
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    Infiniband, should I stay or go?

    I have 3 nodes on a DDR infiniband network, I'm using CX-3 / CX-2 cards on a Qlogic 24 port DDR switch. I'm adding 2 more nodes, and can't decide if I should just add more cables to what I have now, or take the plunge and get a QDR infiniband switch and all new QSFP cables, or add some more...
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    Slow mirrored tiered storage spaces

    Samsung SSDs don't get along very will with LSI RAID controllers. I've gonb back and forth with LSI tech support and the gist of the conversation is there a small amount of write cache in the SSD that does not have a battery backup, so LSI does not use it to prevent any chance of data loss. I...
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    Can ping server in different subnet, but not RDP or browse shared drives

    So it appears I fixed this issue, but I threw a bunch of things at it once, but I have my suspicions: 1. I re-created LAGG groups, but this time I set the tags on the ports themselves, not the LAGG groups in the switch 2. I logged into pfsense console and saw 9k mbuf warnings, I had increased...
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    Can ping server in different subnet, but not RDP or browse shared drives

    All firewalls are off. I did see that spmehow the lan connection was set to "public" instead of "domain". I restarted the NLA service and that fixed the problem, still now network browsing or RDP. for both servers. I did have jumbo packets set one one of them, that seemed to make to...
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    Can ping server in different subnet, but not RDP or browse shared drives

    I have a really odd problem. I have a separate subnet that contains all the servers, all but two of them I can browse with no problem and RDP into. There are two servers that I can ping, but cannot RDP or browse into. If I move them to the same subnet as my workstation, it works fine, and if...
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    What features do I want from a switch?

    Be careful when picking older switches, many of them don't support VLAN trunking over port channel groups, also I've had issues with older switch's java interfaces working with the latest java updates, for example my LB4M java app will load, but will not actually render any interface, so it's...
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    Can anyone recommend a good/inexpensive 48 port GbE switch?

    I hit the end of my rope with my LB4M, so I went and ordered one of these: Ubiquiti Networks - EdgeSwitch™, i'll let everyone know once I get it setup tomorrow.
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    LB4M, Port Channel groups / VLAN issues

    I'm noticing something weird. I posted before about my weird network performance, and I think I may have found a good portion of the issue. I have a 4 port channel group defined, and then I add the VLAN membership to the port channel group and the individual ports, and if I assign the VLAN to...
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    (?)make good use of infinihost III Lx card

    You'll have to use linux, infinihost IIIs aren't supported on any recent version of vmware or windows, but enjoy continued support on linux.
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    Quanta LB4M performance tuning?

    mbit not mbyte [ 3] local port 59592 connected with port 5001 [ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth [ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 641 MBytes 537 Mbits/sec
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    Quanta LB4M performance tuning?

    Anyone have suggestions on performance tuning for the LB4M? I think I may have gotten a router that's a bit too complicated for me. I'm seing performance from one 4nic team to another 4 nic team of around 500mb with iperf, and don't know if i'm missing something in the router, or not using...
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    LSI SAS 9265-8i 6Gb/s 1GB cache RAID 170$ !?!

    Be careful with these, I got a similar "great" deal on an LSI 9260, and turned out it was a dell OEM card. Had some issues with card, LSI support told me to call dell since it was their card, then the seller said since it was outside of the 15 day warranty he wouldn't take it back, and the...
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    Server 2012 R2, Storage Spaces and Tiering

    run that command in an admin powershell window and it will give the correct friendlynames. that gets all the storagepools, and gives just the friendly names of what is returned.