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    Anyone suffer brain injury and having issues working in IT?

    Not a medical doctor but benzodiazepines can cause hallucinations and I would ask your medical providers if your long term use of those medications are now possibly making things worse.
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    SBC with 10Gbe + M.2 with at least 2-lanes of Gen 3?

    This is what you want OP or even better than 7 series optiplex is the similar HP Pro desk that have 2 x m.2 slots and can fit 3 SATA SSD or 2x and 1x HDD drives in SFF. So each node could have 1x m.2 boot, 1x m.2 118GB Optane for DB/Wall, 2 x bulk SATA SSD per node, 1 x large HDD for capacity...
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    Engenius ECS2512FP $300 (offer) - 8x2.5GbE POE++ and 4xSFP+

    Where is the non-POE version at 1/2 the price or less?
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    SOLVED: Anyway to improve the performance of new TrueNAS rig (EPYC 7402P)

    Video card in there you didn't list for hardware acceleration of 8k playback?
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    New Mikrotik Switch found for Sale in USA

    Not a great deal really but It is an Interesting switch and Baltic is fine. I have purchased from them before and they are listed on the Mikrotik website as a reseller. Ideally a switch like this would be $100 not almost $200. I'm over the 2.5g premium it should just be everywhere and cheap.
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    Correcting a Series of Mistakes - Proxmox, ZFS, and TrueNAS quandary

    Home much NVR storage do you need? Buy a used Intel S3710 SSD with good lifetime writes left and put the NVR storage on that and you are done.
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    I have fallen in love with MooseFS

    Post some benchmarks we can use to compare with Ceph.
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    What fans did you add?
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    Power-efficient Proxmox server advice

    SFF Elitedesk 800 G5 with i5-9500 32gb ram and boot m.2 idles at 9-11 watts for me with my power meter with Proxmox.
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    Xeon D Cluster Advice

    You aren't comparing the same number of cores with the 2123it vs 1541. They both have a single thread passmark in the 1700s but the 1541 has a multicore mark of 10k and the 2123it only has a multicore score of about 6800 because it has half the cores of the 1541. So newer would not be better if...
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    Database Use Cases - At Home Experience

    While default Home Assistant uses SQLite you can have it use MariaDB/MySQL instead for its database. There are also lots of self-hosted apps that use a databases that do things like organize media, calendaring, Wiki etc....
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    Micron's "Power loss protection for data-at-rest"?

    Not sure but it sounds like marketing speak where you make up a similar name to a real feature to pretend you have something similar when you actually don't have the real feature.
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    I have fallen in love with MooseFS

    I ran MooseFS before for a file store it worked well enough. It is basically a CephFS equivalent that pre-dated CephFS and that hasn't really had any architecture improvements in a long long time just slow maintenance for many years. They promised multiple master or at least automatic master...
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    Yet another MariaDB "help me tune the **** thing"

    Have you run mysqlcheck to see if you have corrupted databases? Maybe try 1/4 of the innodb_buffer_pool_size=24G to to see if it makes any difference. Could you be running custom code or buggy app connecting to the database that might not be closing any connections and so constantly spawning...
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    Yet another MariaDB "help me tune the **** thing"

    What is in the slow query log? Do you have caches set so ridiculously high that memory for MariaDB spills over into slow swap space on disk? Is your version of MariaDB up to date? Could one of your disks be dying?
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    Thunderbolt 4 ring network between 3-5 node Intel 12th Gen NUC cluster

    I don't think this is going to work with NUCs and ceph for lots of good reasons. Proxmox Ceph needs 3 networks in production. 1 for corosync, not negotiable, if public traffic or ceph saturates that you have a bunch of problems, needs to be separate. While you might combine public and ceph...
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    Affordable mid size managed PoE+(+) switch

    I think the Aruba Instant On JL683A is a similar price point with a few more ports.
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    Playing with "Sygil" WebUI docker and Stable Diffusion

    The face looks not quite like how my brain thinks he actually looks. Like it took his face and forgot some of the detail that makes his face his and so it is more generic. Or no you think his face is accurate?
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    WTB: TMM USB3 16GB GbE Low Power for Ceph OSDs

    I was looking for the same thing and I concluded I was better off with SFF size boxes i3/i5 7xxx to 9xxxx gen at <$200 each used. The specs say most of them idle around 9-12 watts as a base. With SFF size you get 1-2x m.2 + 1-2x 2.5 for bulk flash and 1-2x 3.5 for bulk spinners depending on...
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    ebay Samsung SM863 1.92TB MLC SATA SSD

    I purchased some of the XF1230, they all have a little over 5 years power on hours, low power cycle count 2x, and 85% or better life left (2x have 100% left). Haven' tested further by putting data on them yet because waiting on other parts. The % life left does show with CrystalDiskInfo, it is...